Share Your Experience of Global Business Social Networks

Even though LinkedIn has grown to over 85 million users worldwide, there are other global sites that people at B2B companies use to build their business networks. The two biggest are Viadeo with 35 million users and Xing with 10 million users, but there are certainly other smaller ones where people have found success, whether they are industry focused or regionally focused.

After creating a profile on Viadeo, in anticipation of writing about these other business networks, I realized that my perspective was limited. The first reason was because of the business cultural differences between the United States and Europe. So if something stands out to me as being odd on a business networking site, it may seem perfectly normally in a different business climate. The other is that by setting up a profile does not really let me understand how to use the site for success.

With this in mind I thought this would be a great opportunity to tap our global community and get some information about the use and success of these global business networks. We have created a short survey form for you to indicate your most used business social network and how it has been successful. We would like to know if LinkedIn really is the top network from an effectiveness standpoint, or have these other sites broken some ground. If you are based in the US, do you use any alternate sites to connect with customers and prospects in other parts of the world? This is not meant to be definitive study, but to gather some examples for publication.

Thanks for sharing your experience in the survey, and as always, comments below are welcome.