6 Ideas to Get Your B2B Social Media Plans Started

Your B2B company’s online marketing strategy needs to incorporate social media. The big question now is, “What, exactly, do we need to do?” The web is chock full of answers to that question. And although no two bloggers, companies or marketing and PR professionals agree on everything, the following six ideas have emerged as the basics to getting started:

1. Keep in touch with your customers with social media
Because of the ease of interactive communications, marketing and PR are more of a two-way street than ever before. Social media outlets allow you to solicit feedback, answer complaints (and compliments!), and generally get to know the companies who use (or should use) your products – all without leaving a desk. What PR or marketing strategist wouldn’t want to do that?

2. Focus your message
Actually, focus all of them. You don’t want to be saying one thing in a blog and another in a news release. Make sure that communications are coordinated throughout the company. More to the point…

3. Be authentic (and specific)
Lots of businesses offer great service and low prices, but only your company does…what? In your communications, highlight the services and products which really add value to another business. Also ensure that those communications are true to the voice of your company and its values. No one is going to fault authenticity. It is when you say or do things which are incongruent with the rest of your story that causes problems.

4. Develop distribution channels
Don’t just write a news release and put it on your website. Don’t simply create blog posts and hit publish. Promote them in a non-intrusive, organic way to people, companies, media and other groups that might be interested. Make it easy for people to subscribe and share all content published digitally. Participate in other networks that might be interested in your content and, very carefully start to introduce your own ideas into the mix after you’ve established initial credibility. If you’re unsure where to begin, PRWeb publishes an entire resource section dedicated to helping create exposure for releases specifically. Check out the latest news release distribution tips for more.

5. Link back to high-conversion areas
Every blog, news release, YouTube video, and other digital communication should have an easy-to-find, easy-to-use link back to your website. Your website, remember, is where you completely control the content and where most conversions happen. Ignore the early adopters encouraging you to give all your content to the stream. This is a mistake. You don’t have control of the signal to noise on social sites, nor are there clear calls to action there.

6. Constantly update and revise your content
Never has it been so easy (and cheap) to learn from your mistakes. All kinds of free analytical tools exist that will tell you how many times your content has been read, and shared, how well your website ranks in web searches, how effective your website is at generating conversions, and other things marketing professionals need to know.

With so many resources to help with your digital education, there really is no excuse not to get savvy. No matter where you are on the adoption curve, you must keep learning and moving forward to not just survive, but to thrive in modern marketing.

This guest post is by Jiyan Wei, director of product management for PRWeb, the leader in online news distribution and online publicity. For more tips on using press releases, follow @PRWeb on Twitter or like them on Facebook.