Leveraging Delicious And Social Bookmarking For B2B Marketing

We all bookmark links so that we can go back and review them when we need to be able to easily recall information in an article or video. One of the first major platforms on the social web was the idea of social bookmarking. Instead of saving bookmarks to a computer, social bookmarking services like Delicious allow people to save bookmarks to the web so that they can be accessed from any computer or smart phone. Since bookmarks are posted on the web they can be either public or private. When bookmarks are public on the web, they can be social.

Wouldn’t you want to know what you friends and peers are bookmarking?

Using Social Bookmarking For Your B2B Company

Social bookmarking accounts are not limited to individuals. B2B companies have an opportunity to leverage this social platform. Here are a few basic steps that can help a B2B company get started with social bookmarking.

1. Set Up A Social Bookmarking Account For Your Company
– While Delicious is the most popular social bookmarking service you can also use Diijo or Magnolia. When setting up the account use the name of your business as the username and make sure you completely fill out your profile including a link to your Web site.

2. Make It Easy For Employees To Share Bookmarks – Social bookmarking services have simple tools like Bookmarklet or Firefox plugins that make it easy to bookmark a link without visiting the Web site of the service you are using. Make sure the employees that will be supplying bookmarks know how to use these and work them into their daily habit.

3. Share Interesting Stuff – Make sure the bookmarks you are sharing are of interest to the communities you are trying to influence on the web.

4. Be Diligent About Tags – Tags are words that are added with a bookmark to tell other users that this link has information that they are looking for. Because of this, it is important to always enter good tags for your links. Most bookmarking services suggest tags for you, which makes this process easier.

Taking B2B Social Bookmarking To The Next Level

Once you have the basic process taken care of I would recommend developing a strategy to integrate information from your social bookmarks into your overall inbound marketing strategy. The goal of social bookmarking is to help people find the stuff you share. It is up to you to help determine what they do once they find your links.

Here are a few ideas to beef up social bookmarking effectiveness:

1. Make Sure To Bookmark And Tag Your Own Stuff – Think of the social web as a series of search engines. Each social bookmarking service has its own search engine. Bookmarking relevant links on your web site and tagging them correctly can help more users discover your content.

2. Streamline The Bookmarking Process – Does your company tweet? If so you could use Tweetmarks.com or Tweecious to save any of the links you share on Twitter to social bookmarking site Delicious. Twitter is only one example. If you think about how you share links, there is likely a solution to get those links to the social bookmarking service of your choice.

3. Remember That Social Bookmarking Is Social – Besides allowing people to share links, social bookmarking sites are also powerful social networks. Investing time in building community on social bookmarking service will help to bolster the engagement and improve click-through rates of links shared.

Has your organization used social bookmarking?