Who Owns Social Media at Your B2B Company?

As more B2B companies explore social media, the question of ownership always comes up. Many experienced practitioners will tell you that social media needs to pervade an entire organization and one department can’t own it. But reality must rear its ugly head and claim that your company is just getting started, and someone needs to owns it. Someone has to physically set up social profiles, create the content and post it online for the world to see.

The following examples show extreme cases of what happens when someone owns social media and proceeds according to their own agenda without strategy or goals in place. This is meant to be instructive and mildly amusing, and any resemblance to your actual B2B company is purely coincidental.

You know your social media is owned by the marketing department if

  • all posts on social profiles highlight product benefits and solutions
  • all content supports a brand platform

You know your social media is owned by the PR department if

  • every word of every tweet is reviewed to send just the right message
  • press releases, media alerts and press clips make up the bulk of your social media messaging

You know your social media is owned by the legal department if

  • all posts must be pre-approved at least 1-2 weeks before posting
  • no retweets are allowed because they might be seen as endorsements

You know your social media is owned by the IT department if

  • all content is created from a series of RSS feeds
  • complex passwords keep anyone else from updating networks

You know your social media is owned by your agency if

  • a new version of your company logo is created for each social platform
  • every update is creatively crafted to show company personality

You know your social media is owned by the intern if

  • too much textspeak appears in social updates, even on platforms where character limits are not an issue
  • occasional beer-soaked photos are shared on company accounts

So make sure you don’t fall into any of these categories and work to broaden the scope of content you post online. Are there any other scenarios where ownership of social media causes extreme behavior online? Let us know below.