3 B2B Uses of Pinned Tweets on New Twitter Brand Pages

Last week Twitter launched their new interface, which included brand pages with some added features. A limited numbers of partners had access to these brand pages, including B2B companies Dell, General Electric and Intel. One of the interesting features is the ability for companies to pin a tweet to the top of their stream, so it is always showing. Each of these three companies realized this was a perfect place for an embedded video, as Twitter now shows video within tweets. As these pages roll out to others, each approach gives you something to think about when planning your own B2B companies pinned tweet.

Dell featured the new Twitter video, which explains some of the new features. This provides some value to their followers in the form of education. General Electric shared a video showing the variety of products they make, and they used the number 140 to tie it to Twitter. Diversity of products and services is key part of who GE is. And Intel featured a customer unboxing a product. This simple customer shows the important of technology to our lives, and Intel is a part of that. Screenshots of each page are below, as well as each video.


General Electric


What do you think of their use of the pinned tweet, and what will you use for your B2B company pinned tweet when this feature is widely available?