The B2B Mobile Revolution is Here

There is no doubt that B2B marketers need to learn more about mobile, so they can reach their already mobile audience. This is not a coming revolution, it is already here and you need to catch up. Rather than have five posts about mobile, we have links to two posts and one big link to the awesome site B2B Mobile Revolution. Our friend CK makes the following case for B2B mobile marketing on her microsite. And there’s absolutely a mobile version.

B2B companies have been slow to move into mobile. And the irony is stark, given that mobile is the one set of media that is most used by their target audiences. With 72% of the U.S. workforce already mobile, 64% of B2B decision makers currently reading their email via mobile devices, and more than 70% of executives under 40 considering mobile their primary communications tool, it’s clear: professionals view their mobile devices as veritable “lifelines to their livelihoods.”

Mobile Revolution and B2BSo definitely check out the site, as there is lots of great information, but the centerpiece is the downloadable PDF The Mobile Revolution & B2B: Why Mobile Ignites A Revolution And The Marketing Imperatives For Today’s B2Bs, which includes a business case for B2B mobile integration, a 5-point framework of marketing imperatives, mobile statistics, 10 B2B mobile examples and 7 video clips.

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Where does mobile fit into your B2B marketing plans?