10 Tweetable Twitter Tips for B2B Marketers

Many B2B companies start their social media adoption with Twitter because it seems to be the easiest platform to jump right in without a plan. Let’s start twittering, the boss says. And the junior marketer complies.

With that in mind, this post offers 10 helpful tips for B2B marketers who are running the company Twitter account. If you are just starting out, these are good things to know. If you are an old hand at Twitter, there might be something here that is a good reminder. And just to keep things interesting, each one of these tips will be tweetable. Just copy and paste into your favorite Twitter client and update. Sharing these tips could be a good way to add some value your Twitter followers.

1. Use industry keywords in your Twitter bio. #twittertips #smb2b

2. Create unique landing pages to track clicks for Twitter bio links instead of displaying short URLs. #twittertips #smb2b

3. Find and follow industry leaders through directories, lists and other users. #twittertips #smb2b

4. Follow general news sources, trade publications and associations for the latest information to share. #twittertips #smb2b

5. Share third-party content from people, blogs and news sources that provides value to your followers. #twittertips #smb2b

6. Post links to company blog posts more than once. Test and track different tweets. #twittertips #smb2b

7. Pay attention to the time of day your audience is most engaged by tracking clicks and retweets. #twittertips #smb2b

8. Tweet offers and links to your landing pages to generate leads. It’s okay. You are a business. #twittertips #smb2b

9. Don’t overuse hashtags, especially ones that are abused with spam or never used. #twittertips #smb2b

10. Periodically encourage followers to subscribe to company email newsletter. #twittertips #smb2b

What are some of your best Twitter tips? Share them below.

10 B2B Digital Marketing Tips

Technology solutions company Softchoice wanted to better understand how to market to their B2B customers, so they asked them. This is a common approach, but since the company serves thousands of customers across North America, asking their opinion became formal survey. Their findings were based on four key areas of marketing: desktop browsing, mobile, email and social media.

Many companies survey their customers and publish the data online, but Softchoice took this one step further. Rather than assume this data can be applied to any B2B situation (or at least IT decision makers), they distilled the data down to 10 tips for marketers. Not only did this analysis help the marketing team, but they provided this information to others as a way of offering something of value to customers and prospects. And they shared this report in multiple ways: posted on their web site, PDF, Slideshare and video. They even conducted some blogger outreach, which is how we heard about it.

Here are their 10 Tips for B2B Digital Marketers.

1. Become Community Minded
Online forums and blogs are important sources of information that should not be ignored.

2. Cater to Learning Preferences
Make sure you understand how your customers consume information.

3. Experiment with Video
Video continues to grow as a source for credible information online.

4. Support Research on the Go
It has become very easy for people to fill their downtime by doing product research on their mobile phones.

5. Determine Your Mobile Strategy
This one goes without saying.

6. Optimize Your Email for Mobile
More and more email is accessed on mobile devices.

7. Don’t Waste Time on Trivial Things
Relevance is the most important factor in connecting with customers and prospects, followed closely by the message.

8. Solicit Feedback
Ask your customers how they want to be marketed to.

9. Don’t Assume Access is Ubiquitous
Many companies still do not allow access to social media sites. Explore other tactics.

10. Grasp the Opportunity Social Presents
Twitter and Facebook really do provide business value.

If you have any additional tips, or you have thoughts about how Softchoice shared this information, let us know in the comments below.