Support Your Supply Chain with B2B Social Media

Social media can help B2B companies connect with customers, partners and vendors in many functions, and one function that is barely talked about is the supply chain. A recent survey with supply chain decision makers was published, and the results were not surprising. If you are a supply chain vendor, this can give you a picture of what your customers may be looking for in social media connections. If you have never considered connecting with your partners, this survey shows you how some companies are benefiting from these relationships.

Here are some highlights:

  • Only 40% use any social media channels to connect with or follow supply chain vendors
  • 35% have no idea how primary vendors are using social media to connect with customers
  • 26% see no need or benefit in connecting with vendors using social media
  • But 36% answered other, not applicable or don’t know as their reason for not using social media in their supply chain
  • Top social media sites cited by social media users and potential users are mainstream business networking sites (47%), mainstream social media sites (41%) and exclusive or private communities (35%)
  • Top use for using social media in the supply chain is to stay on top of industry trends. Current users also cite connecting with industry experts and peers, while potential users have more business focused secondary objectives like tracking shipments and obtaining pricing

Are you connected with your supply chain partners and vendors? What would it take for your B2B company to connect with them using social media? Are you aware of their activities on social media?

Photo credit: Flickr