Another Facebook Photo Change for B2B Companies

Just when you thought you were settled in with the Facebook Page for your B2B company comes another change. If Timeline wasn’t enough, now Facebook has changed the size and location of the profile photo to match the size and location of personal profile photos. Hmm, how did they miss this a couple months ago when they launched the Timeline for Business Pages. If the point was to make the Business Pages look like personal profiles and create a business timeline, I am curious why it was designed based on a different spec.

No need to ponder the imponderable, and it’s time to resize that logo or photo because this takes effect on April 26. The new size is 160 pixels by 160 pixels and the new location is 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top. Facebook did not announce this change very broadly, but it was included in the weekly activity email sent to Page admins. In looking for any kind of official notice, I found this post on that included the below graphic showing the difference in size and location.

For many B2B companies this change will be nothing more than an annoyance in resizing one small image, as seen in these best B2B Timeline Cover Photos. But for the handful of companies that created really compelling images that combined the two elements will find more work for themselves than expected. This is exactly the problem that marketers face when they rely too much on outside platforms like Facebook, rather than platforms they control, like a company blog. ArcMail Technology will have to revise their cover photo shown below so it will re-align with the larger logo.

Are you prepared to make these changes to your images, and will this sudden change cause you to simplify your Facebook design or take this opportunity to integrate the smaller image into the larger one?