5 Ways to Salute Your B2B Employees Using Social Media

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the United States, when we honored those who defended our country. B2B companies have lots of opportunities with social media to honor their own employees. Customers and prospects prefer doing business with people that they know, and the following simple ideas can help share your employees with the world. Show employee photos with all these suggestions so people can begin to relate to your employees as people, not just an email address.

Create a Twitter List
A Twitter List of employees shows what employees are talking about, thinking about, reading, sharing and doing. Make sure you inform employees about their inclusion on the list, especially if you will be incorporating that feed into the company website or blog.

Write a Monthly Blog Post
While you already should encourage employees to blog on the company site, there are other ways to showcase employees on the blog. Many employees volunteer with organizations in the community. Each month write a blog highlighting an employee and their work with a local organization. This shows both the character of your employees as well as the companies connections to the community.

Highlight Accomplishments in Email Newsletter
Create a standard spot in the email newsletter to feature employee accomplishments, whether these are internal achievements or notable external events, like speaking at an industry event or publishing a guest blog post.

Video Interviews
Employees have knowledge and experience worth sharing with customers and prospects. Conduct short interviews with employees where they share one tip or one challenge that they have overcome. Keep each video short and tight so that it doesn’t need to be scripted. Many employees will come across better speaking with knowledge and authority than reciting scripted lines.

Facebook Feature Photo
If your B2B company has a Facebook Page, consider featuring an employee in the company profile photo. Many companies do this with customers, but this is an opportunity to showcase one of your own.

All of the above ideas can be coordinated to create a featured employee of the month across all social channels. This may work better with fewer employees, as those who work for larger companies may need all the channels to highlight more employees.

What are some ways you promote your B2B employees on company social profiles?

Rules, Rules And More Rules

Quick, hurry up and read this post before your HR team finds out.

Most of social media’s exposure is about the good stuff: tweeting, viral videos, getting on the front page of Digg. However, it isn’t as fun and glamorous as everyone makes it out to be. Sure meeting new people and building relationships for your business is great, but it is also important to understand the implications social media has on your entire organization.

Employees more than ever before have become the public face of your company and their actions, especially online can be seen or heard by anyone.

So what do you do?

Step 1: Go and check this great post on PR Squared that gives you samples of corporate social media policies.

Step 2: Determine expectations for your employees. You know your employees and your company culture better than anyone. Slapping on a policy that was made for someone else, won’t fly. Customize what others have done so it matches your other policies and does not alienate your staff.

Step 3: Communicate it clearly. It doesn’t matter how clear you policy for employee interactions online is, if you are the only one that knows about it. Put it on your intranet, blog about it, mention it at company meetings. Make it a priority that you employees know and understand it.

Rules are not fun, but they are sometimes important in setting the right expectations. When it comes to online behavior, let you employees know where you stand.