Awesome Content is Key to B2B Social Media

Whether you believe that content is king, queen or the court jester in your B2B social media activities, there is no disputing that creating and distributing remarkable, valuable content is key to success. No matter if your goals are to drive awareness, traffic or leads, content is a big part of that. Below are several articles that help frame the discussion around content, as well as tips to create better content. I have also included the latest in string of awesome infographics (read “content”) from the partnership between Eloqua and JESS3.

If you have one great tip about creating or distributing content, share it in the comments, and you might see it in future post.

B2B Content Marketing as Trojan Horse
from Marketing Interactions
I sat in on the Content Marketing for Real Marketers webinar and there were many great points made, but two of them stood out and prompted this blog post:
Content draws 10X more media attention than product launches.
Diminishing the brand representation in favor of the story enables it to spread.
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Feed Me Seymour – Why Your 2012 Marketing Approach is Hungry for Content
from Marketing Trenches
As I sat down yesterday with a couple members of the Right Source team for our check-in on our 2012 tactical plan, I was reminded how our marketing, like that of many of our clients, is heavily dependent on content. We use the term content marketing all the time in our industry, yet to many folks outside of the industry – and to many of our potential clients – it means very little.
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Five Tips For Better B2B Marketing Content
from B2B Ideas @ Work
There are more ways than ever to match your marketing messages to the needs of your customers with more personalized, relevant and actionable information. The more you can customize your content to relate to your best buyers, the more buyers you will attract, and the more conversions you will drive. Here are five ideas that will improve your B2B marketing content.
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Eight keys to successful content curation
from Heinz Marketing
There are plenty of good, tactical guidelines out there for content curation (as well as rationales for why it’s so important). But in addition to the day-to-day tactics and objectives, here are eight keys to making your content curation efforts more efficient, effective and productive.
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Infographic: A History of Disruptions in B2B Marketing
from It’s All About the Revenue
“We’re gonna change the world” has become the battle cry for many tech startups. When you’re bootstrapping a company against all mathematical odds, the only thing better than ambition is wild ambition.

But let’s face it: very few companies actually change the world. After all, it’s a tall order.

This infographic, A History of Disruptive Innovations in B2B Marketing, looks at breakthrough technologies and processes that forever changed one segment of the world: the lives of B2B marketing professionals.
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