Congratulations to Social Media Book Giveaway Winners

Last month we announced giveaways of four of the latest social media books to celebrate the 2nd birthday of To enter each giveaway, readers needed to leave a comment that related to each book. Congratulations to the winners, whose comments are below. If you didn’t win, click on the link for each book to learn more about it and purchase your own copy. Thanks again to the authors and their publishers for supplying us with copies of the books to give away.

Winner of Content Rules by sharing a creative example of content.
Janet M. Kennedy
There once was a marketer from Kent,
Whose social media skills were bent,
They only sent SPAM
And not from a can,
And to marketer Hell they were sent.

Winner of The Now Revolution by indicating which of the seven revolutionary shifts is most critical to their business.
Petter Nilsson
The point that I find the most intteresting for our company right now is #4 [Listen at the point of need and answer the social telephone] because you need to be proacitve and intercept problems, needs, etc. if you want to be successful with your social media strategy. You need now WHAT people are saying about your business/company when they’re saying it. And then of course join the conversation =)

Winner of Enterprise Social Media Strategy by sharing their biggest social media challenge.
DJ Lein
My biggest enterprise social media challenge is convincing senior managers that social media isn’t a productivity threat, but is something that can add true value to both our customers and organization.
Being a B2B manufacturer, a lot of them think this doesn’t apply to us.

Winner of Social Marketing to the Business Customer by discussing the difference between B2B and B2C social media.
Felix Hemsley
B2B & B2C share one core concept in common, relationships. The differences come in how to build those relationships. The B2B environment necessitates the provision of value without exception. Adding value to a contact at any stage in the relationship is vital. This leads to a key requirement to nurture contacts through the buying cycle. Here, content marketing plays a key role, decisions are not made lightly and require insight and consideration. Within the B2C space, decision can be made on a whim, a wrong purchasing decision is unlikely to bring a person’s world crashing down. In a B2B environment the same can not be said. By providing relevant material which offers value and addresses each touch point and pain point of a lead, the eventual outcome if all goes well is a sale.

We also need to look at the timeliness of the activity. A B2B sales cycle can be a long term process spanning months at a time, a B2C cycle usually spans days if not hours, it’s a much easier quick win. Building emotion into a B2B sale is important, but a real challenge, we are of course still dealing with people who can be emotionally involved with any aspect of life. One of the major limitations here is that in B2C, businesses can have a kudos and emotional attachment, such as Apple. Their products may not be the best, but they have a “must have” persona attached. Replicating this in B2B is almost impossible, so we must look to pamper to the needs of the buyer with content which is aligned to their vertical and strategy and corporate requirements.

Win a Copy of Enterprise Social Media Book

Social media has made in its way into the enterprise, but practitioners in these large B2B companies still need help understanding the policies and best practices. David B. Thomas and Mike Barlow have answered this need with the The Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy. This book gives practical advice and strategies for getting your company ready: social media policy, using social media to support bottom-line objectives, staffing, and measuring the ROI of your social media activities. The book features dozens of interviews with business leaders who have put these principles into practice, giving you practical information you can use right away.

As part of our ongoing Book Giveaway Bonanza for our 2nd Birthday, we have a signed copy of the book to give away. Watch this short video from Dave and learn how to enter to win. You must leave a comment by March 15, 2011.

For more information about the book, go to

Oh and by the way, I am quoted in the book, too! Check out pages 134-135 and 188.

Win a FREE copy of The Now Revolution

Jay Baer and Amber Naslund wrote a book called The Now Revolution about the seven shifts that will make your company faster, smarter, and more social. Thanks to Jay and Amber for giving me a copy of the book to give away to one of our readers. Watch this short video to find out how you can enter to win your own copy of this book. Enter by March 4, 2011.

In The Now Revolution companies will learn how to:

  1. Strip away silos and overgrown business process, and create a culture of NOW
  2. Hire and empower a new type of employee who is adept at pattern recognition, human relations, and immediate analysis
  3. Organize internal teams for maximum external impact, and empower every employee as a marketer, even if they aren’t
  4. Listen at the point of need and answer the social telephone
  5. Travel the Humanization Highway, and respond effectively and persuasively to customer inquiries
  6. Plan for, find and manage real-time crises
  7. Redesign success metrics in a business world that’s increasingly instantaneous

And if you want to see previous interviews we conducted with Jay and Amber, click on their links.

Content Rules B2B Social Media

CC Chapman, founder of Digital Dads, and Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, wrote the book Content Rules: How To Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars, and More that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business, to help marketers understand the importance of developing compelling content to market their businesses. They provide 11 rules to follow in creating content, and they remind skeptical B2B marketers that these rules apply to them too. Even though everything else in the book is appropriate for B2B marketers, there is a whole chapter dedicated solely to B2B companies. For those keeping track, it is Chapter 10.

In the following interview, they talked about several of their favorite rules, as well as examples of organizations that understand and follow the rules.

This is the first of several book giveaways we are doing on We have a signed copy of Content Rules to give away. Watch the video to learn how to enter to win. Deadline for entry is March 4, 2011.