SocialMediaB2B Founders to Speak at SXSW

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin Texas is one of the biggest web and social media conferences in the world with over 20,000 attendees expected. Kipp and I are super-excited that we are speaking at the event this year.

We are doing a book reading session for The B2B Social Media Book on Sunday at 12:30 in the Austin Convention Center Ballroom G. This short session will be followed by a book signing at the SXSW Bookstore, right outside of Ballroom G. We would love to see you there, if you are in attendance at the show. If you have read the book, we want to know your favorite parts. If you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy at the bookstore, and we would be happy to sign it for you.

And if you will be at SXSW, but can’t make it to our session, reach out to us on Twitter: @jeffreylcohen or @kippbodnar. We would like to meet you and talk about what your B2B company is doing in social media.

We are also happy to see more B2B content being presented this year at SXSW. If you are attending, here is a list of other B2B sessions. Each session has its own hashtag, so you can follow the presentations on Twitter, if you will not be attending.

Other B2B Sessions at SXSW

Social Media in the Underground World of B2B
with speakers from Xerox, IBM, Cisco, Text 100 and NVIDIA

Everything You Need to Know About B2B Marketing
with the authors of Complete B2B Online Marketing

How to Work in B2B and Keep Your Creative Shirt On
with speakers from Somnio Solutions

Humanizing B2B Brands with Video & Comedy
with Tim Washer of Cisco

Using Psychology to Increase e-Commerce Conversion
with Joe Rawlinson of National Instruments

The Promise and Pitfalls of Real-Time Marketing
with speakers from Dow Chemical and McDonald’s

The B2B Social Media Book as a Social Network

Now that the Kindle version of The B2B Social Media Book has been out for about six weeks, we’ve noticed something interesting. One feature of the Kindle is that highlighted passages not only show up in everyone’s version of the electronic version, but the most popular ones show on the Amazon website. This tells us (as authors of the book) which ideas most resonate with readers. But it also tells readers which ideas were noted by other readers.

This builds some social proof for the ideas (“I can like this passage because others did”), but it also starts a community, or social network, around the Kindle readers of the book. It’s almost like a secret society where people leave messages for each other in the book. While you are reading along, you might pause a little longer on a highlighted passage because someone else thought it was important. In the past you might have checked a book out of the library and it had some notes in it, but that didn’t build any real connections. As more people read the Kindle version, and annotate their copy by highlighting passages and ideas, the collective version of what’s important grows. This is a very interesting development in group book reading.

Below are the 10 most highlighted passages from the The B2B Social Media Book. They are all from early chapters, which makes sense this early in the release of the book. However, the first part of the book is the setup for the later tactic sections, so we expect that even long term earlier chapters will be over-represented in this list. And just for fun, since this book does have two authors, we do get a bit competitive about whose chapters have more highlighted passages.

1. Highlighted by 18 Kindle users
Does your offer:
1. Solve a problem for the prospect?
2. Align with the product or service of the business?
3. Provide unique information not easily found in other online resources?
(Chapter 2: Five-Step Social Media Lead Generation Process)

2. Highlighted by 14 Kindle users
For a B2B company to have successful search engine marketing in 2012 and beyond, it must leverage social media.
(Chapter 3: Yes, Chapter 3 in a Social Media Book Is about Search )

3. Highlighted by 13 Kindle users
Prospects don’t want to hear about your products. They want solutions to their problems.
(Chapter 2: Five-Step Social Media Lead Generation Process)

4. Highlighted by 12 Kindle users
Need for Generating Higher Revenue with Lower Marketing Budgets
(Chapter 1: Why B2B Is Better At Social Media Than B2C)

5. Highlighted by 10 Kindle users
Maximizing content discovery can be done by producing awesome content and reducing fiction around sharing that content.
(Chapter 2: Five-Step Social Media Lead Generation Process)

6. Highlighted by 10 Kindle users
Instead, it is one piece of a well-planned and executed inbound marketing strategy that is tightly aligned to business objectives.
(Chapter 1: Why B2B Is Better At Social Media Than B2C)

7. Highlighted by 10 Kindle users
B2B companies are better suited for social media marketing than B2C companies.
(Chapter 1: Why B2B Is Better At Social Media Than B2C)

8. Highlighted by 10 Kindle users
Reducing approvals and empowering marketing to ship online content is the single biggest lever you can pull to increase lead generation.
(Chapter 2: Five-Step Social Media Lead Generation Process)

9. Highlighted by 7 Kindle users
Generating leads using social media starts with three core elements that are the linchpin for the entire online lead generation process: offers, calls to action (CTAs), and landing page.
(Chapter 2: Five-Step Social Media Lead Generation Process)

10. Highlighted by 8 Kindle users
A lead is someone who raises his or her hand—a person who demonstrates interest in something that a business has to offer.
(Chapter 2: Five-Step Social Media Lead Generation Process)

Do you have the Kindle version of The B2B Social Media Book, and have you highlighted any passages? Have you ever highlighted anything in a Kindle book?

The B2B Social Media Book Launches

Many months ago, Kipp and I looked forward to January 24, 2012 as a monumental day in our lives. That was the publication date of our book, The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More. The manuscript was due in the middle of August and January seemed so far away. Well, it turns out that not only did it get here before we knew it, but the book came out a little sooner than we thought. It turned out to be a soft launch.

In the world of online commerce, once books arrive in the warehouse, they can be shipped. Once the ebook version is available, it is for sale and ready for download. But because the official US publication date is still listed as January 24, 2012, we are still treating this as launch day. Our launch day webinar, How to Master B2B Social Media Marketing, is scheduled for 1pm ET today, thanks to Hubspot. We hope you can join us.

B2B Social Media Lead Generation Live and In Person

We are thankful for all of our readers of for all of your support, readership and comments over the years. We started this site to help educate B2B marketers and communicators about the power of social media. The B2B Social Media Book grew out of that same effort. Now we have to get books into people’s hands to continue to educate them and we know one way to do that is to get in front of people. We already have some initial B2B social media events scheduled, but would like to schedule more. If you are affiliated with a professional organization and would like a program about B2B Social Media and Lead Generation, please let us know. We can also consider corporate events. We would love to meet you in person. Hear about the challenges you face. Answer your questions about specifics in the book.

Early Reactions to The B2B Social Media Book

The early response during this soft launch has been great. Here are some of the reactions.

Here are more reactions to The B2B Social Media Book.

If you want to know what the book is like before you buy it, here is a free download of Chapter 1 of The B2B Social Media Book in pdf form. Many of the online booksellers also have a sample download available on their sites.

Available at the Following Online Locations

Amazon Hardcover
Barnes & Noble Hardcover
Books-A-Million Hardcover
800ceoread Hardcover

Available in the Following eBook Formats

Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Books-A-Million ePub

The B2B Social Media Book is Now Available on Kindle

If you have been waiting patiently to pre-order The B2B Social Media Book for your new, holiday-scented Kindle, your wishes have been answered. But it is even better than that. While the hardcover book is due out January 24, and is available for pre-order, the Kindle version is available for download right now (even in the UK).

This means you can read it now and start the year with your head filled with ideas about social media lead generation and how you can contribute to the revenue of your B2B company. B2B marketing has traditionally been about generating leads, and we have focused the book on how social media can support lead generation objectives and demonstrate marketing leadership.

And just to share some of our excitement, the photo above is of preview copies that I received yesterday. You really never know what it is like to publish a book until you hold it in your hands. And we can’t wait for you to not just hold it, but to read it.

We wrote this book to help marketers understand how they should be using social media. It is filled with strategies, tactics, frameworks, inspiration and even some math. And we really want to know what you think about it. And how it can help your company and your career. Share your thoughts on Amazon. Share them online with the hashtag #B2BSM.

If you pre-order the hardcover or the Barnes & Noble Nook version, or order the Kindle version before the hardcover is released, make sure you get your pre-order bonus prequel chapter, Stop Wasting Time With Social Media! Create A Better B2B Website Today!

Pre-Order The B2B Social Media Book and Get Free Bonus Chapter

We wrote The B2B Social Media Book to help B2B marketers better understand social media for their B2B companies. We focused on lead generation because once marketers can tie social media to a company’s bottom line revenue the conversation about social media adoption across the organization becomes easier.

One of the ideas that we promote in the book is that you can use additional content to power offers and generate leads. With that idea in mind, we have written a bonus chapter that is only available when you pre-order The B2B Social Media Book. This is not only a perfect incentive for you to pre-order the book, but it is a great way to get started, as the bonus chapter provides ideas, tips and best practices for improving your website. It is called Stop Wasting Time With Social Media! Create A Better B2B Website Today!. It will help you get your B2B company website updated so you can be ready for the social media traffic that will start coming your way after reading our book when it is released on January 24, 2012.

The information in the bonus chapter is not available in the book and won’t be offered after the book comes out. Pre-order a copy of the book and get the bonus chapter today.

Announcing the B2B Social Media Book

b2b-social-media-bookAnnouncing The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More (Wiley) by Kipp Bodnar of Hubspot and Jeffrey L. Cohen of Radian6, who are also the co-founders of We are so excited we can barely hold back the whoops and the high-fives.

Why Did We Write A B2B Social Media Book?
After almost 3 years and almost 500 posts, we have learned a lot about B2B marketers and their adoption of social media. Adoption of social media by B2B companies did not happen as fast as we had expected when we started this blog. Many companies that had started using social media didn’t understand why. They didn’t understand how to determine the ROI. That’s because they were not focused on lead generation. If you are not driving revenue, or leads as their proxy, it is difficult to measure the return. That’s why lead generation is the cornerstone of our new book.

And with all the changes that the social web has brought to marketers, from tools to opportunities, there is something comforting about a book. It can sit on your shelf. It can sit on your desk. You can read it at home or on a plane. You can easily share it with a colleague. You can share it with your boss. You can give a copy to your partners, vendors, or customers. In the current work environment, traditional business books still make sense. The numbers from our publisher bear this out, but of course it will be available in electronic form as well.

Why Did We Write A B2B Social Media Book Now?
Marketers have a major problem.

73% of CEOs don’t believe marketers drive demand for products and services, according to the Fournaise Marketing Group.

CEOs are wrong.

Our book will help marketers prove that they are a valuable business investment for growth, instead of merely the arts and crafts team that spends all day debating the subtleties of trade show booth design and paper stock.

Can You Help Us Change the World of B2B Marketing?
Congratulations on discovering this blog and being an early adopter of social media for your B2B company. No matter what published statistics say, even if you just discovered this blog today and are thinking about your approach to social media, you are an early adopter. And as an early adopter, we need your help.

Our goal was to help marketers understand how social media could impact their B2B companies. Our book has refined that goal. We are now focused on helping B2B marketers learn how they can use social media to drive leads and sales, thereby contributing to the company bottom line. Marketing needs to become a valued investment in a company’s future, not an expense.

While we would love it if you pre-order a copy of the book today, it would be great if you share this link to The B2B Social Media Book with your colleagues and other B2B marketers. You can benefit from this book. Your company can benefit. And by sharing these ideas, you can help other marketers advance their careers and impact their company’s revenue.

If you are interested in learning more about the book, discussing speaking opportunities for Kipp and Jeff, or even purchasing multiple copies of the book for your marketing team or event, go to The B2B Social Media Book site for more information.

We are asking a lot of you in this blog post, and we have one more ask. There will be many announcements over the next few months leading up to the book launch. Sign up for our B2B marketing email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything. We have some awesome things planned.

Thanks for your ongoing support of this site and your future support of our book. This is an exciting time and we are glad you are joining us for the ride.

The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More

B2B Social Media Marketing BookOrder The B2B Social Media Book Today!

Advance your B2B marketing plans with proven social media strategies.

Learn social media’s specific application to B2B companies and how it can be leveraged to drive leads and revenue. B2B marketers are undervalued and under appreciated in many companies. Social media and online marketing provide the right mix of rich data and reduction in marketing expenses to help transform a marketer into a superstar. The B2B Social Media Book provides B2B marketers with actionable advice on leveraging blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more, combined with key strategic imperatives that serve as the backbone of effective B2B social media strategies.

This book serves as the definitive reference for B2B marketers looking to master social media and take their career to the next level.

  • Describes a methodology for generating leads using social media
  • Details how to create content offers that increase conversion rates and drive leads from social media
  • Offers practical advice for incorporating mobile strategies into the marketing mix
  • Provides a step-by-step process for measuring the return on investment of B2B social media strategies

The B2B Social Media Book will help readers establish a strong social media marketing strategy to generate more leads, become a marketing superstar in the eye of company leaders, and most importantly, contribute to business growth.

For more information about the book, go to