SlideShare Adds Branded Channels For B2B Companies

SlideShare the online presentation sharing site has made a big play in the past six months to attract B2B users and companies. We have talked about SlideShare several times on Social Media B2B including how to leverage SlideShare for B2B Lead generation.

The service has now added another feature in hopes of attracting business users: Branded channels. As a B2B company you can now have a branded channel that customers and those interested in your information can easily follow. As I understand SlideShare channels work very similar to the way channels on other sharing sites such as YouTube work. All of a company’s presentations on SlideShare can be shared through the company channel. The core benefit of this is that instead of trying to promote each presentation you upload, instead you can consistently promote subscribing to you SlideShare channel and they will see a new presentation as soon as it has been published.

Think of this as e-mail list opt-in for all of your presentations and whitepapers.

Do you plan on creating a branded channel for your business?