B2B Companies Can Target LinkedIn Updates

LinkedIn now lets companies target their status updates by a variety of factors. One of the tactics I mentioned in a post about B2B companies generating leads on LinkedIn was to use status updates to share content with your LinkedIn followers. If you have various lines of business, you can now focus those updates to the right people. If you have content created for certain industries, functions or seniority, LinkedIn updates can be directed to those who are in those segments. And remember, only company page admins can post company status updates.

The first thing to note is that if you want to start segmenting your updates, you need to grow your LinkedIn followers. Some easy ways are to cross-promote on your other social channels, add a follow company button on your website or blog, and you can even write a blog post that you are segmenting LinkedIn status updates for improved relevancy.

When posting a status update, the default is to send it to all followers. Click the drop down to change to targeted audience, which brings up the targeted window seen below.

Company Size

In the targeted window, notice you can remove employees from your company updates in the lower right (indicated by the red arrow). While there may be good reasons to do this, sharing updates with your employees give them content to share with their own networks on LinkedIn.

Each of the five segmenting characteristics has their own tab to make your choices. As you click your selections, LinkedIn will show you how many followers this update will go to. As you work your way through the segments, this number will go down, but it will be more relevant to the people who see it.


Do you have a message for a particular industry? Are your salespeople aligned by verticals? Use these targeted industry selections to support their work in the verticals. Create a vertically focused ebook and share it this way. This can help you better understand your vertical audiences on LinkedIn.


Do different functions in an organization use your product or service differently? Do they have a different evaluation process for purchase? Can you clearly communicate that message? If so, you can talk to them differently now on LinkedIn too.


We have different conversations with managers, directors, VP and C-suite executives. Do you know where they are in your decision process? Do you know what ideas, benefits, metrics have convinced them of your value. What does an ebook for a CMO look like? Share it on LinkedIn with just those C-levels.


This segmentation can can very granular, down to the metro region within states. Unless you have a local product or service, be careful about targeting this one too tightly. You are probably better off staying broader with regions like North America or Europe, or even countries.

Does this kind of targeting and segmentation make sense for your B2B company on LinkedIn?