B2B Social Media Lead Generation Advice from Experts

Lead generation is a key element of many B2B social media efforts. Marketer and blogger Heidi Cohen asked 25 experts to answer a number of questions on the topic. Below are my answers to each question, plus links to each post containing lots of advice from others. Feel free to share your own advice about social media lead generation below.

What is the best way to use social media to generate leads?
The best way to use social media to generate leads is to create a business blog that answers prospects’ questions and solves customers’ problems. These blog posts need to relate to longer form content, like ebooks and webinars, so visitors can click through to a lead form and provide their contact information in exchange for the asset. It is better to focus your lead generation program on a platform that you own, like a blog, and use social media channels to expand your reach, grow your audience and amplify your content.
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What is the best way to use content marketing to generate leads?
The best way to use content marketing to generate leads is to create a series of gated assets that solve your prospects’ business problems. They will exchange their contact information for these assets and your can build a relationship with them. A percentage of these prospects will become leads.
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What is the biggest lead generation mistake that marketers make?
Many marketers view content-generated leads in the same way as traditional leads. Just because someone fills out a lead form to download an ebook does make him or her sales-ready. This is the beginning of a trust-building relationship. And that relationship must be nurtured before you have the right to contact them in a sales context.
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What is one effective marketing tip that you’d offer for stellar lead generation?
You must include calls-to-action on blog posts to give visitors the opportunity to raise their hand and express interest in your company and its ideas. Too many blogs do nothing to try to convert their hard-earned blog visitors to leads.
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    Maggie Fox had a great quote on the importance of content at our ( http://www.PeopleLinx.com ) roundtable. “Social networks are like puppies. If you don’t feed them, they die.” If I can belabor the analogy a little further, curating good and relevant material is the perfect hamburger helper for your original content. It’s a good way to complement and supplement lead-nurturing efforts.

    Great post – thanks for sharing!

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    The rules have been pretty similar for the past 15 years or so: Develop 5-10 touch points for your potential client, provide lengthier and more specific information over time based on your client’s interest, and only respond to explicit needs that the client has defined. The most important part of this is that the traditional marketing content funnel gets turned upside-down in a social selling environment: start with the use case, then build your way up to demonstrating the need for a solution.

    The social channels have changed a bit and we have more options now: pictures, video, short messages. But the strategy remains the same.

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