3 Actionable Items B2B Marketers Can Take to the Bank

b2b-social-media-bankB2B marketers need tactics that can move the needle on business growth. Below are three very actionable marketing tactics that can drive that growth. They will lead to more conversations (because you love people), more deals (because you love to see opportunities), and more money (because that’s what makes a business run).

Marketing is being held more and more accountable for top line growth. It’s critical that your tactics drive conversations, opportunities and dollars. Focus on these things that you can take to the bank and watch the dollars flow.

1. Double down on what’s working

Start by understanding what is working. Do not add anything new before knowing what’s working. Then double down on it. I frequently see businesses trying new things, but there’s nothing better than doubling down on what’s already working. Whether it is blog content, social media interaction, webinars or events, you need to double down on those marketing activities that are working well for you.

You should already be measuring each marketing channel that you operate. Take a look at your top three channels, look at your budget and put more into them. This might mean that you have to pause another initiative lower on the list.

2. Support your sales team by creating marketing they can give away

I know the sales process. I’ve lived it, worked in it and won with it for a decade. It’s a process that constantly includes give and take with the prospect. Seek to understand your business’ sales process (especially places in the process where they are asking for things) and find places where you can provide content of value that they can use to keep the prospect engaged. Arming them with ebooks, white papers, cost calculators that can be helpful can shift the perception of your brand.

As the buying cycle gets longer, there needs to be more in your arsenal to give to the prospect as they progress through the buying cycle. Your sales team should be doing plenty of asking to discover these opportunities.

3. Clearly communicate why you exist.

If your marketing collateral does not clearly state why your brand exists, then you must change that. This is the vision, the purpose, the “why” of your brand. Four things will result from this clear communication.

  1. Existing clients who currently buy from you may share other needs that you can fulfill (oh look – more conversation, more deals and more money).
  2. You will see an increase in prospects that have a higher degree of trust in the brand (people trust people and brands that believe what they believe).
  3. The number of prospects that take up more of your time in your sales cycle will go down (well, people who don’t believe what you believe will not trust you and this will increase your cost to acquire them). It is often overlooked that these customers have a higher retention cost.
  4. But what about those folks who don’t necessarily agree with you, but also don’t disagree with you? This is a wonderful group for you. They will engage with your brand. They will challenge you to clarify what you believe in. You may even convince them to believe what you believe and help them discover their path in life. (this one gets deep).

These actionable items will help your B2B business grow, so you can visit the bank more often.

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    I couldn’t agree more with your take on making sure EVERYTHING is measureable, as well as equipping the sales team with solid materials. It just seems like such common sense to me – but surprisingly, it’s still a daily struggle to convince others that this is the RIGHT way to do things. Buyers are spending more and more time in the research phase online. You have to give them the materials they’re hungry for. Going back to measurement really quick, we actually put together a white paper about measuring ROI for B2B marketing initiatives. If you’re interested, feel free to check it out. http://offers.gorilla76.com/measuring-online-marketing-roi-manual

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