5 Ways B2B Companies Can Take Advantage of Facebook

b2b-facebookFacebook is a platform used by brands to reach millions of consumers, but don’t discount it for B2B companies. The most commonly used social networking site for many B2B companies is LinkedIn, but Facebook is an easy-to-use option as well.

1. Develop a Strategy

The first way to take advantage of Facebook is to create a content strategy. Instead of planning out how your company will market itself on Facebook, you can plan how you will market across all types of traditional and online marketing, then work Facebook into that plan. This creates marketing materials that are more consistent with the brand image that you want, and also gains more exposure throughout various media, which allows you to reach more people.

2. Keep Things Visual

When prospects look at your company’s Facebook page, your cover photo and the images you share will stand out. The more photographs and other graphics that are on a page, the more scannable it becomes. You can accompany the images with creative captions since prospects are more likely to read a caption on an image versus reading plain text. If your business participates in community events or charity initiatives, consider sharing photos of those on your B2B company Facebook page.

3. Generate Buzz

With Facebook you can build an audience of fans that follow your business and you can try to activate them to take additional action. Some companies spotlight their fans to help them feel more appreciated. Hosting giveaways and offering free or discounted items also helps promote your page and gain more followers. Getting fans to engage with your posts, especially sharing, can get your content in front of their friends.

4. Connect with Your Partners

If any of your partners have Facebook pages, make sure to like their page and ask them to like yours. You might share relevant content or link to their blog posts or other content. This can help build the connection between your business and theirs, and fans of their Facebook page can view your company’s page because of the shared content.

5. Mobile Access

If someone posts a question to your Facebook page on a Friday evening and your staff won’t be back in the office until Monday morning, you may lose a potential customer in the interim. Staying connected during hours that you are closed is crucial in maintaining the constant connection that people have come to expect. Purchase a tablet and assign a staff member to check in regularly. This also improves your company’s customer service, which is a key part of a successful business strategy. With so many avenues for disgruntled customers to voice their opinions, it is best to try to support a good relationship with all of your online fans.

Using Facebook for your B2B relationships is very beneficial to growing and activating your network of customers and prospects. How has your B2B company utilized Facebook?


  1. says

    I work at a B2B company in Portugal (Ubiwhere: https://www.facebook.com/ubiwhere). We mostly use our Facebook page to promote our community events, charity initiatives, trade shows, vacancy opens and projects that we developed to our clients and partners. For 2014, I’m compiling a Facebook Editorial Calendar with thematic themes/areas we are working on. Thanks for your article! I will use some of your insights!

  2. Adriangm89 says

    As a B2B company, you can also use Facebook to spread the content of the corporate blog.

    Besides, the more your company shows in facebook about the daily work, the more trustworthy it looks.

    Good post!

  3. says

    Nice article and some very solid tips. But I still question regularly the purpose of a Facebook page as related to B2B marketing. Not to mention, with the new edgerank updates, I’m just not sure it’s a good use of a marketer’s time. That said, I think it IS a great place to build, develop and nurture a community of employees, families, local supporters, etc. It’s a tough sell though, in regard to it driving sales. I feel the same way about Twitter. We measure everything, and we’re just not seeing the results. Here’s a blog post I authored that investigates a bit deeper… http://www.gorilla76.com/industrial-marketing-twitter-and-why-we-dont-think-theyre-a-match-made-in-heaven/

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