Top 10 B2B Social Media Posts of 2013

b2b-top-10-social-media-postsThe best way for me to wrap up the year is to share what B2B social media posts resonated most with readers this year. Since I did not limit this list just to posts published this year I have included the year published after the post title. Half of these top posts were published in 2013, including the top three.

The posts are listed in reverse order, with the top post of the year at the end of this post.

10. 20 LinkedIn Tips for B2B Social Media Success (2012)

B2B marketers are looking for ways to improve their social media marketing results, and one of the platforms that helps with that is LinkedIn. Many B2B companies have seen success on the professional social network by getting employees to represent the company in addition to their own experiences, managing company pages and even running industry groups. Read more

9. 10 B2B Social Media Predictions for 2013 (2012)

It is that time of year again where we look forward and try to predict the future of social media for B2B companies. This is not a shot-in-the-dark exercise, but one based on observing how B2B companies have adopted social media over the past year. When we look back at 2013, we will not see a banner year with explosive growth in B2B social media. In many areas there will be continued gradual growth started in 2012 or earlier. If you have your own predictions or you disagree with ours, please let us know. Read more

8. 10 Ideas to Make Boring B2B Social Media Posts Captivating (2013)

Many B2B marketers are still trying to figure out social media for their companies. Years of product marketing driven writing, or content as we now call it, has honed their skills on features-based marketing. No matter how exciting your products and services are, this kind of marketing is boring. And it is not going to work in a social media context. Read more

7. Top 10 B2B Companies on Twitter (2011)

[Editor’s Note] Rather than include the opening paragraph of this post, I wanted to mention that I created a methodology for this list 3 years ago that took into account things other than follower counts and some of the tools I used do not exist any more. This is an old post that still attracts traffic, and the list may be out of date. All these company accounts have grown much bigger since then, so you can still get an idea of some of the most successful accounts. Read more

6. The Difference Between B2B and B2C Digital Marketing (2013)

I was tempted to write a list of seven or so ideas on the differences between B2B and B2C marketing. Traditionally there’ve been several, but in 2013 (and soon 2014) I think there’s only one, albeit with seven or more consequences and considerations. Read more

5. Generate More Leads with B2B Social Media [Infographic] (2012)

Our friends at Inside View created this awesome infographic that gathers together many statistics, ideas and examples about using social media to help drive leads and sales for B2B companies. You can look through the stats yourself, but here are some to consider Read more

4. 5 Ways to Get More LinkedIn Company Followers (2011)

B2B companies now have the ability to share updates with their followers on LinkedIn. This is the first company page functionality that LinkedIn added that would be more effective with additional followers. Based on executive remarks, more functions are coming to company pages. To make sure you are ready, here are five ways to increase the number of followers of your company on LinkedIn. Read more

3. 7 Examples of Innovative B2B Content Marketing (2013)

At Content Marketing World, my good friend Ann Handley, coauthor of Content Rules and Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, presented a number of innovative examples of content marketing. The following are some of the B2B examples she shared in her presentation. Any metrics or results came from Ann’s presentation or published information. These examples are meant to inspire B2B marketers to think bigger than just basic written or video content. And bigger doesn’t mean spending more money. Read more

2. 21 Unbelievable B2B Content Marketing Statistics (2013)

B2B companies continue to be interested in content marketing as a means to connect with their prospects and customers, as a first step to generate leads with content and social media. Here’s a recent grassroots study from the 50,000 member strong B2B Technology Marketing community on LinkedIn. Here are some key statistics from the study. Read more

1. 4 Reasons Why Google+ is a Killer B2B Social Media Platform (2013)

Most of our B2B clients have staked a claim on Google+, but they don’t invest in it. Why? Because they consider it a ghost town. They say Google+ is irrelevant. They invest in Facebook and Twitter and (more and more) in LinkedIn. But you know what? Recent studies indicate that, while many companies were asleep at the switch, Google+ has emerged as the killer platform for B2B social media marketing. Read more/a>

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