4 Reasons Why Google+ is a Killer B2B Social Media Platform

Most of our B2B clients have staked a claim on Google+, but they don’t invest in it. Why? Because they consider it a ghost town. They say Google+ is irrelevant. They invest in Facebook and Twitter and (more and more) in LinkedIn. But you know what? Recent studies indicate that, while many companies were asleep at the switch, Google+ has emerged as the killer platform for B2B social media marketing.

B2B marketers need to understand these four reasons that Google+ is the next killer platform for marketing, and why it should be an important part of your B2B marketing mix.

1. Number of Active Users

According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ now has 343 million active users, more than any other social network besides Facebook. Google+ is far ahead of Twitter, and light years ahead of LinkedIn.

Notice that qualifier: “active” users. The 343 million number is not a measure of the number of people who signed up for Google+ accounts, and who may or may not ever log on. Rather, it is a measure of the number of people actively participating on Google+. Over a very short period of time, Google+ has confounded critics and become a platform that cannot be ignored.

2. Circlecentric Marketing

Google+ circles enable you and your B2B company to market in a more intimate way to people who are following your company.

Consider this: because Google+ users can circle your company page, it means they have opted in to receive information from you without having to fill out any forms or communicate via email. That’s true on other social networks, of course, but what’s different is how you can then interact with them.

On Google+, you can do research on the person who has circled you, circle them back, and (most importantly) add that person to unique circles based on how that person fits into your target market. This means you can provide that person with highly useful and specific information, instead of just a general communication blast.

Furthermore, B2B companies can begin to interact with that individual in other, more personal ways. And this means that, in addition to creating a better communication channel, you can make those users feel like you notice and care about them. For example, by sharing that individual’s content and inviting them to private communities, private events, and private hangouts, you don’t just send them a message; you build and strengthen a relationship. And this is a cornerstone of any marketing mix.

Martin Shervington provides a more detailed description of circlecentric marketing.

3. Better Organic Search Results

In Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s upcoming book, The New Digital Age, he is quoted as saying: “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

This is the clearest statement yet from Google (which tends not to be very clear) highlighting how authorship is becoming extremely relevant in search results on Google.

This essentially means that if you are posting on Google+ correctly, your content will be ranked higher than content posted elsewhere. Furthermore, because of Google+’s tight integration with the Google search engine, your posts are treated much like regular webpages (unlike posts on other social networks), and will therefore rank higher in search results.

4. Google’s Long-term Vision

Google+ is a social destination and a social layer across all Google properties. The integration they have made is breathtaking. It places a social layer upon:

  • Gmail
  • Google Maps and Local
  • Google Now
  • Android
  • Google Wallet
  • Google Offers
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Search
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Calendar and Events
  • Google Play
  • YouTube

What Google is really saying is that “Google+ is Google.” And this integration will only go deeper and become stronger over time.

It’s no secret that Google’s business model is to sell advertising. There’s nothing wrong with that and, in fact, their strategy is a brilliant one. Google wants to provide more and more relevant search results to users, so users will do more searching on Google. This means advertisers get better value from Google, which means Google sells more advertising.

Google has created Google+ to be the killer platform for B2B social media marketing. What is your B2B company doing to take advantage of it?


  1. says

    Great article, Glenn.

    I still think, while it is developing, there is still this huge “Google+ Isn’t like no one on that website?” response when I mention it to potential clients.

    I had one this weekend. Talking to a contractor looking to build a real Digital Marketing plan. Told him I would skip Twitter and Facebook because he admits he has no time to update it or content interesting enough to post. Told him to get on G+ Local to help with local search.

    His response: “Google has a Social Network? YouTube, right?”

    I’m not saying everyone as uninformed as this particular gentleman, but there is still a lot of work on moving G+ forward with the average Small Business.

  2. says

    We have basically winnowed down to google+ and twitter for our corporate social media.

    When we found a study showing that most of Facebook’s traffic was on the weekends and google+ was weekday, it seemed logical that our customers would be available on ggogle+ and not FB.

  3. says

    If time is a factor when choosing your social media channels, then take a look at ifttt (if that then this). A brill tool for linking all your social media platforms together. I post updates to G+ and they replicated across twitter Facebook etc.

  4. says

    I think that local portion of Google+ is essential for businesses looking to do better locally. I always look for places on Google Maps and check out reviews. It is fun to read them and to write them. So, any business with physical presence not aware of that are missing out.

  5. says

    Well written article, I’ve been seeing more and more activity on Google + and it’s becoming a larger part of our social media plan as an Adventure Travel company. A lot of our clients interact on a daily basis on Google + and we’re seeing more activity through it.

  6. says

    Thanks for a very good blog post. WE have found Google plus to be far more valuable in building relationships than other social networks. No question in out thoughts G+ is the Business social platform.

  7. says

    Google+ is such powerful media for the promotion. It rightly introduce your brand post to the correct audience that precisely needing. Sometimes post bounce back to the other popular sites.

  8. says

    I hear it a lot, G+ is the giant that will arise quickly. I’ve heard from someone that FB is for private party, twitter is for a cocktail and G+ is for ‘strangers with common interests’. Wonder how you see this

  9. says

    Pascal, I have heard that description as well and think it fits. I like “Strangers with common interests that want to get to know one another”.

  10. says

    I am just getting the hang of Google+. I can see how it can have potential. I just haven’t figured it all out yet. Thanks for moving further in the right direction.

  11. says

    Thanks for the article. Facebook has, in my opinion, become quite spammy and lost it’s focus leaving the door open for companies like Linkedin and G+ to take advantage of the corporate sector.

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