Improve Your B2B Social Media Planning

Everything in business starts with planning. B2B social media is no different. Even as companies mature and incorporate (or infiltrate, depending on your point of view) social media into other parts of their business besides marketing, the planning stages are key. Below are some posts that resonated with followers this past week that are all related to planning, whether directly or indirectly.

We start with a bold call to action for B2B marketers, followed by a very tactical list of planning questions, and then we go up a notch to planning theory and how to apply it. Next is an article that questions whether a new Facebook tool is right for B2B? Yes, I’m quoted in the article, but it too is about how you plan to test a new function to determine its success. And finally we present a list of top B2B influencers on Twitter by Michael Brenner. Okay, so I’m on this list too, but if you are looking for influencers in your industry, looking for content to share with your followers or just looking for example of B2B companies and people doing a good job on Twitter, they are all here on this list.

What else have you seen recently that has helped you in your B2B social media planning. Your own posts, or even interviews with you, are okay, because clearly it didn’t stop me.

B2B Marketers Need To Get Real About Social Media and Customer Engagement
from Enterprise Irregulars
B2B marketers need to get more focused on how fast their prospects and customers are changing as a result of social media. It’s time to question long-held assumptions and look to social media as a means to connect with prospects and customers more effectively.
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25 Questions To Ask When Executing B2B Content Marketing Campaigns
from Search Engine Land
With the new year upon us, search engine marketers are focused on putting the foundation together for campaign execution throughout 2013. Central among the strategies meant to deliver B2B SEO results will be content marketing.
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The Planning Fallacy: Why B2B Marketers are prone to exaggeration
from Earnest Agency
As a marketer, you’re now under more pressure than ever to prove your worth – and demonstrate ROI. Your budget is under scrutiny – and no doubt, you need to put forward a strong case to justify your spend. So what do you do? Be bullish about the potential return – ever optimistic about your ability to deliver the goods, but knowing it’s the only way you’ll get go-ahead.
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Is Facebook’s new messaging feature good for b2b?
from BtoB Magazine
In recent months Facebook Inc. has been quietly testing a new revenue-raising feature: paid messaging. So far, the service is aimed at individual users, but b2b marketers have been watching the tests and wondering if paid Facebook messaging would work for them.
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Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter
from B2B Marketing Insider
Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter? To answer this question, I looked at a variety of factors including twitter followers, profiles that included “B2B marketing,” the focus of their tweets including the hashtag #B2BMarketing, as well as a variety of social scoring tools using the keyword.
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    A lot of marketers have already tried to market their products online but only few were amenable that the percentage of their ROI has increase. That’s why it is very important to analyse first all the informations you need before doing any actions. Thanks for the tips Jeffrey!

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