43% of B2B CEOs of Never Consider Social Media in Decisions

As social media becomes an important part of business culture, considering the social media impact of decisions has to be part of the process for B2B companies. According to a recent study by the Zeno Group, CEO of all companies, but especially B2B companies, are not taking social media and its impact on their reputation online into account when making decisions. This has potential impact on attracting prospects and retaining customers, as social media sites and other online sources continue to be business people’s first stop when searching for information about companies.

Here are some highlights:

  • 43% of B2B CEOs never consider social media reputation in decision making
  • Only 45% of B2B Executives believe their company can respond to a negative online post within 24 hours
  • 13% of B2B companies would not engage an audience online at all to defend their reputation

What are you seeing in your B2B company? Is social media consideration part of your decision process?


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    While the data isn’t very surprising, it raises a confusing reality. Even before we had an active social strategy, we were considering our social reputation when making decisions. Social is just one of those things that is “too big to ignore”. Thanks for sharing!

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