69% of B2B Companies Ignore Social Media Feedback

A majority of B2B companies are not paying enough attention to their customers’ social media activities and managing them for effective business outcomes. A recent study by Satmetrix shines some light on worldwide social media practices. Many B2B companies are just plain ignoring social media in their day to day operations. Satmetrix is the company responsible for the NetPromoter score, which measures customer satisfaction based on how likely customers are to recommend a business. It is a measurement of advocates and detractors, but it has been correlated with business success. The survey data is based on 1180 responses from businesses around the globe, who are all part of the NetPromoter.com community. This adds some extra weight to these highly negative results because it comes from a pool of companies that care deeply about customer satisfaction.

Tweet This Stat 51% of B2B companies have no social media tracking in place at all.

Tweet This Stat 69% for B2B companies ignore customers who provide feedback via social media – by having no process in place to respond.

Tweet This Stat 75% of B2B companies do not measure or quantify social media.

Tweet This Stat 56% of companies who measure social media just count the comments and followers.

Tweet This Stat Only 4% of companies who measure social media have any form of sentiment analysis.

Tweet This Stat 60% of businesses do not have an integrated social media strategy (either do nothing, track or follow up only).

How do these stats compare to what your B2B company does, or what you are seeing from other B2B companies you interact with? Share these stats with your followers and see which ones resonate most with them.


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    With 50% of companies not tracking, and 69% ignoring any feedback and interaction, companies are doing themselves a disservice by not engaging. While not all conversations are relevant for a response, the fact that businesses are not taking advantage of the opportunity to have their voice heard is a problem. We hear so much about “losing control of the conversation” with social media, but in fact there is a great opportunity to respond to that loss of control simply by embracing online conversations. If more companies were able to easily (and quickly) respond and clearly track and see the value of social media mentions and interaction, then we might see a shift in how companies look at social media.

    On another note, a study last year by Capgemini found the opposite, in that 57% of businesses currently monitor online conversations about the brand, products or services when it comes to customer care. But 20% do not listen at all, and another 23% of respondents weren’t sure whether or not the company is listening to online conversations. (source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20110724005036/en/Capgemini-Survey-Reveals-Rising-Importance-Social-Media) So, it seems that for customer service, businesses are listening – but when it comes to brand management and general monitoring, not so much.

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