Only 13% of B2B Marketers Drive Leads with Social Media

In a recent study of B2B marketers by BtoB Magazine, 59% of those surveyed answered that online lead generation is their biggest marketing challenge. While email is their number one source of online leads, only 13% of respondents reported that social media was their greatest driver of leads.

The survey broke out marketers from agency professionals, which yields a bleaker picture. 18% of agency respondents are getting more leads from social media than other sources, while only 11% of marketers are. The study also found that only 5% felt that social media was a mature and well-optimized part of their marketing mix. 55% of those surveyed revealed that they were in the early stages of social media, and 14% of B2B companies were not using social media at all.

Does this survey seem in line with your experience of social media to drive leads and become fully integrated in your B2B company’s marketing mix?

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Tweet This Stat 59% of B2B Marketers Find Driving Leads Online Their Biggest Challenge

Tweet This Stat 57% of B2B Marketers Get More Leads from Email Than Any Online Other Source

Tweet This Stat 20% of B2B Marketers Get More Leads from Paid Search Than Any Other Online Source

Tweet This Stat 13% of B2B Marketers Get More Leads from Social Media Than Any Other Online Source

Tweet This Stat 5% of B2B Companies Have Optimized Social Media into their Marketing Mix

Tweet This Stat 55% of B2B Companies are in the Early Stages of Social Media Marketing

Tweet This Stat 14% of B2B Companies are not using Social Media Marketing


  1. says

    I suppose that 13% isn’t a bad number for the marketers to have MOST of their leads come fro that source. I think many companies could have a great ROI if they generated only 10% of their leads through social media.

  2. Niels Scholten says

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Is there something more you could tell about the characteristics of the companies that have fully optimized into their marketing mix. What type of businesses are they? Small, medium or big? What industries?

    Thanks in advance

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