A Kickstart to Get You Started in B2B Social Media

Many B2B marketers are still exploring social media and wondering where to get started implementing it for their B2B companies. Today I have collected a series of posts that provide some simple guidelines and ideas around getting started. They are not complex. They are high level. And it will get you thinking in the right direction. There’s some of the what and some of the why. No matter how many statistics I read about social media adoption by B2B companies, I still come back to my conversations with marketers every day. A basic understanding of social media is still needed in many organizations. So I present that to you today.

If there are other posts you have seen recently that have helped you get started with your social media efforts please share them below.

A Simple Explanation why B2B Social Media Works So Well
from 41 Stories
While a study by BtoB Magazine conducted last year pegged 93% of all B2B marketers to be engaged in some form of social media marketing, I still see some B2B marketers shun a mufti-dimensional social media program. Sure, LinkedIn is okay but all the others?
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Is B2B Really Ready For Social Media Marketing?
from MediaPost
Is B2B really ready for social media marketing? The short answer is no. The long answer is almost. Let’s just say that generally speaking, these kinds of companies are “social media curious.”
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Social Media Strategy for B2B Companies
from Dijital Farm
What about Business to Business (B2B) companies? How should they approach their social media efforts and where should they spend their time? In today’s blog post, we examine three ways B2B companies can get more from social media.
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Tips for Building a Social Media Strategy
from Springbox
One resolution on everyone’s business agenda should be to develop an ongoing social strategy. As social media platforms become mainstream and your industry competitors settle in for the long haul, there’s no better time to get organized.
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The Future Of B2B Search: Start Preparing For Social SEO Now
from SearchEngineLand
Just when you thought your strategy was defined in SEO, the time has come for us to once again get ready for significant change in how we approach SEO as search marketers. With the recent announcements from Google, the future of search is indeed social in nature.
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Marketers Must Beat the B2B Brand Titans at Their Own Game
from ITSMA
ITSMA’s 2011 Professional Services and Solutions Brand Tracking Study reveals that there are a few market leaders and a large pack of followers; yet the market remains fragmented and opportunities for differentiation abound.
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