Top 10 B2B Social Media Posts of 2011

When I was reviewing the most viewed B2B social media posts of 2011 I had two choices. The first was to just pull the top 10 posts by number of page views no matter when they were published, while the other choice was to feature the top 10 posts that were published in 2011. I went with the first version for two reasons. The first is that there are always new readers to this site, and there is value in sharing old posts. Even if the stats are outdated, the lessons and ideas are still relevant today.

The other reason for including the most viewed posts, no matter when they were published, is to share the lesson of the long tail and the benefit of continued traffic to well-titled posts. The oldest post still draws traffic for the terms B2B and Facebook. Because this shows our site as an authority on this topic, other posts about B2B and Facebook have drawn traffic over time. As social cues become more important to search, and more traffic comes from social media, the long tail of search becomes less important for old posts.

One way to test this for your posts is to update the content to make it more relevant to today, without changing the URL address or the post title. If it still draws consistent traffic, then your audience continues to find your content through search.

Here are the most viewed posts in 2011 on

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