Just One B2B Social Media Reason for Google Plus: Search

Google just rolled out Search, Plus Your World and B2B companies need to take notice. If you have been taking a wait and see attitude, or you just don’t have the bandwidth for Google Plus, Google just changed the game and moved this to the top of your priority list.

Not another social network, you said. We are already challenged to come up with enough quality content. And learn a new platform? And see if our customers and prospects are there? Again, none of this matters anymore. Google Plus has always been about leveraging our social connections to provide better search results. But now Google is showing Google Plus results as top results in search.

It shouldn’t matter to you that Twitter is calling it “a bad day for the Internet.” Marketers need to roll with the changes that happen all the time in social media.

Lots of resources already exist online and off for learning about Google Plus, the platform, but for the time being, B2B marketers need to create personal profiles and business pages for their B2B companies. Yes, Google Plus is great for engagement because of a threaded comment system. Multiple people can manage a page (which wasn’t possible at roll-out). Circles really do allow you to segment outbound messages. There is not an ecosystem of management tools for Google Plus yet, so it will be a manual process to share content on the platform.

But for now. Get on there and start sharing content. Want to drive traffic to your blogs? Need more downloads for your ebooks and white papers? Share links on Google Plus. Prospects still find their way to your site and your content by search, and Google is giving B2B marketers another tool to help with that.

This really should be at the top of today’s to do list for B2B companies. Circle Social Media B2B on Google Plus while you are there.


  1. Susan says

    If you placed your customers, reseller partners, affiliates, potential customers into circles and a competitor of yours decided to follow you, can they then gain access to see all your contacts?

  2. says

    No, it is possible to hide your circles from your followers on Google+. Having said that, social media platforms do change and things that are private can get exposed to the public with updates. Make sure you follow all technical updates carefully to be certain that your contacts remain private.

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