5 Power Tips for B2B Company LinkedIn Profiles

In the B2B space, LinkedIn may be the best social media site to take stock in. Recently while gathering some data for my company’s website, I was surprised to see how many website conversions viewed our LinkedIn profile. Of course Twitter and Facebook are great for awareness, getting traffic to your site and generally for getting people to like your B2B company, but LinkedIn still seems to take the cake for decision makers and actual purchasers.

So as we come into a new year, take a few minutes to spruce up your business LinkedIn profile so when people come to check your company out, they get the best impression.

1. Remove any employees who don’t work with you
Recently LinkedIn added this feature to Company Page Admins. From your company’s Overview page you can see a list of all current employees. Review this list and make sure it is accurate. If someone has mislabeled themselves or no longer works at your company, go to their personal profile and hover over the warning triangle. The Company Page Admin can now remove them from the company listings.

2. Refresh your company LinkedIn information
Take a few minutes to update your Company Description, Company Specialties, Blog or any other information in these form fields. LinkedIn and search engines get along very well. The more content you have here, the more opportunities you have for showing up in search results for the services you offer (LinkedIn searches and on search engines).

3. Start using status updates
Like most other social networks, LinkedIn has recently added status updates to personal and Company LinkedIn pages. Each time you update your status, anyone who is subscribed to your updates will see it in their newsfeed. Add value to their experience of following you by sharing links and information here. Offer relevant information about your business or industry and show that you are on top of what is happening in your area of expertise.

4. Add your most popular products or services
Under Services, add a few of your most popular services and encourage your network to recommend them. Instead of adding every product or service you have, try only adding the most popular.

5. Make a note to update your profile again
After this quick clean-up, pick a date on your calendar a few months down the road to update it again. Keep your content as fresh and up to date as possible.

LinkedIn’s company pages are slowly adding more functionality but in our busy days we may forget about one of our most qualifying online presences. Keep your company profile page updated so when your next customers are doing their due diligence, you are making sure your business is being accurately portrayed.

What are some other tips for keeping your B2B company LinkedIn profile fresh and up to date?


  1. says

    Good question Jason.

    In my opinion, the real value in the recently added Services tab is the social proof of having your customers recommend them. This new tab would have a much bigger impact on a potential buyer if you had 4-5 products listed with multiple recommendations for each one versus have 20 products or services listed with nothing but crickets chirping on this tab.

    You should definitely list all the products and services you can on the Overview > Company Specialties section because those are weighted heavily on LinkedIn searches and search engine searches.

  2. Cristina says

    Question about #1 – I’m trying to remove an employee that no longer works with our company but I don’t see a warning triangle on their profile.

    any help?

  3. says

    Following a consequent multi-platform strategy you should have your Facebook page, your business twitter account as well as your LinkedIn company profile set up, that interested users can follow. At the end it’s all about the impressions you can create for your business. Given that there is no hand-shake engagement but only a follow principle this profile does a good job to expose your company and services to random interested users but don’t expect more. Adding your most popular services or products is certainly enough since it can’t be sold on this profile page. There are other websites out there which were created as social b2b commerce sites, which do a great job to allow sellers to connect and to sell it’s products to connected businesses. So consider what is a social network and who is covering social commerce as well.

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