B2B Social Media Metrics Need to Match Goals

One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers face is measuring their success using social media. Social media should not exist in a silo and needs to connect to your business goals. Tying these together may not something that you can do right out of the gate. You need to establish social media goals that are in line with meeting business goals, and it might take you several steps to get there.

For example, if one of your business goals is to drive sales, as measured by increasing leads, you need social media goals that can get you there. You might start by growing your following base to increase reach. You might develop a content plan so you have something to share. You might set baselines of page views or other traffic driving metrics. These are all short terms goals that get you to your longer term goal of tracking how social media drives leads. And when starting out, you may not even have significant data to tie to lead generation.

A study by Chief Marketer and published by emarketer revealed that most B2B marketers are really at an early adoption stage of social media, because while they focus on social media engagement in their tactics, they are measuring their success by largely irrelevant numbers. 60% track followers and likes and only 35% measure qualified leads from social media as a metric of success.

What are your biggest challenges in measuring your social media success, and how do they compare with what other marketers are doing?


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    A great point of reference to ensure that your company aligns metrics with current business goals is Olivier Blanchard’s book “Social Media ROI”.
    In my experience one of the reasons why B2B companies fail to start the right way is because they see social media as an “afterthought”, as “we need to do this social media thing”. As a result, it automatically becomes… homework.
    If social media tools do not blend with what the company does to pursue/facilitate the existing business goals approved for the year, the programe will go nowhere.
    Another great reference for companies focusing on the wrong metrics (called “vanity metrics”) is Eric Ries’ book, “The lean Startup”. The best book I’ve read in 2011

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    I agree with Fred! What I have also found through my experience is companies not understanding the purpose and or function of social marketing. It is a ‘bolt on’ if you will to existing marketing campaigns.

    I look forward to seeing how social is not only used but how it is understood as a tool from a commercial perspective within the next 5 – 10 years.

    Great to connect with you all, loving the articles, keep em’ coming!

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