42% of B2B Marketers Report Zero Social Media Leads

According to a B2B social media survey by Pardot, B2B cloud marketing automation software provider, even though 95% of B2B companies report using social media (a number that strikes me as way too high), nearly half of them (42%) have received no leads or can’t attribute any leads generated to social media.

B2B marketers are responsible for generating leads and social media should be part of that process. Using social media for just brand awareness, connecting and engaging is not enough. And it is not what B2B marketers should be spending their time doing. A coordinated plan of blogging with calls to action on every post, and sharing that content on company social media profiles can generate leads.

Other statistics from the study:

  • 11% of companies have a formal social media policy
  • 55% said contacting a social media-generated sales lead by phone or email is ok
  • 48% said the reverse is true and it is ok to respond to phone or email leads via social media
  • 100% said it is acceptable to invite a prospect to join a marketer’s online social networks
  • 31% said it is acceptable to critique a competitor via social media

How do these numbers compare with your B2B company? Are you able to attribute leads to social media?


  1. says

    Yes. We are able to track leads and opportunities to social media. We have a report we run monthly on all leads, opportunities and revenue that come from social media as a lead source.

    The companies that are not seeing the ROI are doing it wrong or may be doing things correctly but do not have the structure on how to identify the leads from social media. What get’s even more interesting is being able to track opportunity and revenue that has been influenced from social media.

    Being able to see that opportunities are accelerated when social media is used in combination with traditional sales process can show a much quicker ROI and reason why social media should be used by B2B companies.

  2. Holly says

    Interesting post. Our problem as an agency is that we do not have any tie-in to our clients’ web sites. It has been like pulling teeth to get them to add a blog to their web sites; so I doubt they are tracking where the hits to their web sites are coming from. So my question is, how can I prove ROI? I think social media does have value other than leads; it is the new public relations. It helps SEO, increases brand awareness, positions company spokespeople as industry experts, & expands the audience for & leverages all PR & marketing messages.

  3. says

    we have no formal policy, the 11% does not surprise me. Yes, we have generated B2B leads through social media, generally they start online and are closed by a direct sales force. Leads are good for the bosses, I see value in the footprint, potential B2B customers can find me & talk to me anywhere, SEO, awareness, etc.

  4. says

    I still find it surprising that companies can’t identify leads from social media. If you can track leads in other mediums then there is no excuse. If your purpose for social media is pure engagement then generating leads should not be a concern at all.

  5. says

    There is still too much information being pushed out via social media and not enough interaction and listening going on. Social media is great for increasing website traffic, but the website itself also needs to engage.

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