Google+ Pages for B2B Companies

Google+ has released their business pages and now B2B marketers need to understand why they need to join Google’s social network. The biggest reason is search. You may have heard about social search and how your connections influence your search results, well, Google+ does more of that. Share your content on Google+ and it has a better chance of showing up higher in search results.

If you jumped into Google+ when personal pages came out and you understand how the platform works, you know what kinds of posts resonate and how important engagement is to the platform, you should absolutely create a Google+ page for your B2B company today. If you are not familiar with Google+, you need to create a personal page and get started understanding it. Create your business page too, so you can start learning about how to use it effectively.

A Google+ Business Page is tied to ONE Gmail account and you cannot add other administrators at this time. Make sure you assign the right person to create your page, because they will be the only one who manages it until they roll out multiple admin support (which is expected). One way to address this is to use a company Gmail account, so multiple people can log in to the page. I did come across a reference to giving someone access to a page, but was unable to find details. I will update this as it changes.

11/11/11 Update: Google is discouraging people from creating a new company Gmail. They would rather people create a Business Page with their personal Gmail account, knowing that multi-account management is coming this quarter.

How to Create a Google+ Page

Go to the Business Pages Site and click Create Your Google+ Page.

Choose company, select your category and enter your information into the fields provided. Since this is brand new, there is not an obvious to edit this after it is created.

Google reminds users of the importance of including a web link on their Google+ Page.

Another huge benefit of Google+ is that it is the first social network that allows you to segment your customers, prospects, partners and even vertical industries into Circles so you can publish targeted messages to them. These sample Circles remind users of this important function.

Google wants to make sure you know what to do now that you have created the page, so they offer some suggestions, as well as easy ways to promote your page.

And just to show that the best way to learn is by doing, I created a page for Social Media B2B. Circle us to learn more about Google+ as we learn more.

Remember as you are learning about using Google+ and developing a content calendar, there are no tools that currently let you manage your pages. This means that publishing and engaging will be manual, at least for the time being. Make sure you have the resources to keep up with your plans.

Here are some examples of B2B Google+ Pages. Add yours in the comments below, especially if you have started one for a non-technical B2B company.
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  1. Mariana says

    Good news and tips!

    The only problem to use a company gmail account to create a Google+ Page is the gmail account also needs to have a personal G+.


  2. says

    Jeffrey, great article!

    Our new page, for Command Partners, is

    I recommend as a quick way to get a better-branded, more easily memorable URL for your Business Page.

    I agree with Mariana on being unhappy with the personal restrictions right now on G+ accounts. I had to set up our company page tied to my personal Gmail account, otherwise it wouldn’t let us use our Command Partners Gmail account because it violated their “name policy.”

  3. says

    Hi Jeffery, thanks for the tips.
    I think Google are positioning themselves nicely for more contextual search results in favor of brands, and helping the consumer by removing the spam element, so it seems it could be a win win. Not sure on the “No Promo” rule, that seems to be a successful element of Facebook and a good way for brands to engage customers…

  4. says

    Mariana: Yes, most people are setting up G+ pages using their personal gmail accounts on the assumption that admin changes will be forthcoming. As someone who manages many Gmail accounts (both domain-based and regular) the thought of creating another one is painful. Google has made some progress with handling this problem, but I don’t expect it to be entirely quick or smooth.

    Brandon: Thanks for sharing the idea. Great reminder for businesses. And that’s interesting about the name policy.

    Chris: It will be interesting to see where G+ goes and how rules change as it becomes a more integrated part of other Google properties.

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