New Research: 60% of B2B Decision Makers Use Social Media

According to a new report Social Strategy for B2B Marketing 2011 from Global Web Index, B2B decision makers are the most socially engaged in the world when compared to average internet users.

Social Network Use
39% of B2B decision makers had used a micro-blog (like Twitter) in the last month and only 22% of average internet users did. 60% had used a social network compared to 50% for the average internet user.

Influence of Social Media
Social media communication has become the most influential channel for business purchases globally, out-ranking face-to-face meetings, conferences, client entertaining or traditional trade advertising in most markets. Conversations on a social network led the category of what most influenced all decision makers at 15%, while direct mail was second at 13%. It was just a touch higher for senior decision makers at 16%, which was even with sales presentations for these senior leaders.

Global Market Preferences
There a sizable readership of this blog around the world, and our focus is usually on the US, since that is where we are based. So I’m happy to have some global data about the markets where social media matters more. According to the study, social media conversations are valued the most over sales meetings in Australia, Spain, Argentina, the UK and Japan. The countries that are more traditional in their purchase influence, where face-to-face interactions rule the day are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Mexico and Indonesia.

Increase in Social Media Use
Social network usage among decision makers increased from 41% to 60% from July 2009 to July 2011, while micro-blogging grew from 21% to 39% in the same period. And breaking this down from a country perspective, the results in China for social media growth is most compelling. Chinese B2B decision makers have increased their usage of social media from 31% to 60% over the past two years.

“Social media has become an essential tool for business to business marketers and in some markets participation in these platforms could be the difference between getting your foot in the door and making the sale. Our research highlights the need for B2B marketers to have a sophisticated strategy for leveraging the right platforms, empowering their staff to participate and making contact with client decision makers,” said Brett Petersen, Senior Strategy Consultant at GlobalWebIndex.

Have you seen this kind of social media adoption in your B2B company or in your customers?


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    Hi Jeffrey, thanks for this great article. The stats on B2B Social Media in China were very interesting. I recently published an article on this very topic and provided 3 platforms that B2B Social Media Marketing professionals should consider in the Chinese market. I’d be very interested to hear any feedback you and/or your readers may have. You can find the article here

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