B2B Companies Can Update Status on LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains B2B companies’ favorite social network. Recently LinkedIn added a new feature that makes using LinkedIn for your B2B business even better: Company Status Updates.

Having company profiles was nice to gather some data, for SEO benefit and to follow companies that were of interest to you. Previously following a company just meant you knew when someone new joined a company, if someone left, if someone was promoted or if there were job openings.

Now when you follow a company you can also receive status updates from them, much like the updates you see from your connections on LinkedIn. This means companies can create status updates and share them with the people that are most interested in the company.

If you are an administrator of your company page, when you go to your company page now you can see the same status update box that you have seen on your personal profile. You can add text or share a link. The updates can be up to 500 characters long. The status update function is only available if the company page is set to be managed by designated admins only, not anyone at the company.

Benefits of the new company status updates:

  • Get news out to the people that are most interested in your company
  • Generate inbound traffic to your site with links to events, news and blog posts
  • All status updates can be shared by anyone, so you can let your network spread your message

Suggestions on Company Status Updates

  • Promote upcoming events
  • Remind people of your other company social networks
  • Share interesting and relevant articles
  • Link to the latest blog posts
  • Announce new features or services
  • Crowdsource new ideas to a group of professionals

How do you plan on using this new Company Updates feature?

Editor’s Note: Please see Jeff’s prediction of Company Status Updates last week.

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