Included in Updated Blog Infographic

Last year Eloqua created an infographic called The Blog Tree that listed top marketing blogs, and showed the interrelationships between and among them. We were happy to be included in that original graphic.

They just updated the graphic as The Blog Tree – New Growth, and we are more excited to be included in this year’s model. The previous version was based on traffic alone, but this time the folks at Eloqua used Edelman’s BlogLevel tool to view each blog’s relative influence, popularity, engagement and trustworthiness. Those are great metrics to be rated on, plus it’s interesting to see how we compare to other blogs in the space.

Below is an embedded version of the graphic, which has clickable links to all the blogs. And there is a list of some of the blogs included that are more relevant to B2B companies. Click over to the Eloqua Blog Tree post for more details about the new Blog Tree.

The Blog Tree: New Growth
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Are there other B2B blogs that offer great insights and value as you manage your social media programs?

Webtrends Blog
It’s All About Revenue
Cloud Blog
Lewis 360
Q1 Blog
Cloud Net Suite
Openview Blog
Technically Marketing
Chatter blog
The Employer Solutions Blog
Social Media B2B
Content Marketing Institute Blog
B2B Bloggers
Savvy B2B Marketing
B2B Marketing Insider
Brass Tack Thinking
Communications Conversations
Chris Koch’s B2B Marketing Blog
Brafton Blog
Tippingpoint Labs Blog
Spark Boutik
Marketing Sherpa


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