Choose Your B2B Social Media Words and Metrics Wisely

Today’s shared B2B social media posts can show you some new ways of managing your online marketing to connect with your target audience, measure your success, run your social profiles more efficiently and start a blog with the correct things in mind. There are also some writing tips from Hemingway thrown in for good measure. Better understanding of what you are doing and why, along with solid writing, will get further than you are today in your social media marketing.

Any other recent articles come across your screen that helped show you the path to truth and justice? Please share them below.

What To Do When Your Brand Message Doesn’t Match How People Search
from Search Engine Land Strictly Business
SEO is all about words. Which words people search with; how to use them; and where to put them. Choosing the right keywords is imperative to the success of any SEO campaign. Unfortunately, selecting these keywords isn’t always as simple as it would seem. Many B2B companies have very specific marketing and messaging philosophies that may not always line up exactly with the way prospects search.
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5 Vanity Metrics to Stop Measuring (And Better Alternatives)
from Hubspot Blog
There is without a doubt no shortage of data for each action you take in your marketing campaigns, nor is there a lack of tools to help you measure them. The problem is, some metrics are more obvious than others. They stick out right in front of your face as soon as you log into your analytics tool, puking an “up-and-to-the-right” graph in your face.
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New Research Finds the Curation vs Creation Sweet Spot
from Convince & Convert
Conventional social media marketing wisdom suggests that brands should avoid being overly self-promotional. Thus, brands seek to “be a part of the conversation” by sharing links that are relevant to their followers but often not specifically about their products and services. This act of finding good content and sharing it is known as content curation.
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The Risks of Writing a Company Blog
Search Engine Optimization Journal
In my 12+ years as an SEO professional, I’ve found that just about every business can benefit from publishing a company blog. It doesn’t matter if it’s B2B or B2C, or what industry your business operates in—a good business blog can be invaluable for your SEO and Internet marketing in general. There are probably hundreds of blog posts out there full of great reasons why you should start a company blog.
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5 Writing Tips Inspired by Ernest Hemingway
Headlines from Floyd
I like to reread Hemingway’s spare prose from time to time. It’s great instruction for copywriting–or any writing, for that matter. For example, if you ever write dialog or quoted material, Hemingway is worth studying.
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