Announcing the B2B Social Media Book

b2b-social-media-bookAnnouncing The B2B Social Media Book: Become a Marketing Superstar by Generating Leads with Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More (Wiley) by Kipp Bodnar of Hubspot and Jeffrey L. Cohen of Radian6, who are also the co-founders of We are so excited we can barely hold back the whoops and the high-fives.

Why Did We Write A B2B Social Media Book?
After almost 3 years and almost 500 posts, we have learned a lot about B2B marketers and their adoption of social media. Adoption of social media by B2B companies did not happen as fast as we had expected when we started this blog. Many companies that had started using social media didn’t understand why. They didn’t understand how to determine the ROI. That’s because they were not focused on lead generation. If you are not driving revenue, or leads as their proxy, it is difficult to measure the return. That’s why lead generation is the cornerstone of our new book.

And with all the changes that the social web has brought to marketers, from tools to opportunities, there is something comforting about a book. It can sit on your shelf. It can sit on your desk. You can read it at home or on a plane. You can easily share it with a colleague. You can share it with your boss. You can give a copy to your partners, vendors, or customers. In the current work environment, traditional business books still make sense. The numbers from our publisher bear this out, but of course it will be available in electronic form as well.

Why Did We Write A B2B Social Media Book Now?
Marketers have a major problem.

73% of CEOs don’t believe marketers drive demand for products and services, according to the Fournaise Marketing Group.

CEOs are wrong.

Our book will help marketers prove that they are a valuable business investment for growth, instead of merely the arts and crafts team that spends all day debating the subtleties of trade show booth design and paper stock.

Can You Help Us Change the World of B2B Marketing?
Congratulations on discovering this blog and being an early adopter of social media for your B2B company. No matter what published statistics say, even if you just discovered this blog today and are thinking about your approach to social media, you are an early adopter. And as an early adopter, we need your help.

Our goal was to help marketers understand how social media could impact their B2B companies. Our book has refined that goal. We are now focused on helping B2B marketers learn how they can use social media to drive leads and sales, thereby contributing to the company bottom line. Marketing needs to become a valued investment in a company’s future, not an expense.

While we would love it if you pre-order a copy of the book today, it would be great if you share this link to The B2B Social Media Book with your colleagues and other B2B marketers. You can benefit from this book. Your company can benefit. And by sharing these ideas, you can help other marketers advance their careers and impact their company’s revenue.

If you are interested in learning more about the book, discussing speaking opportunities for Kipp and Jeff, or even purchasing multiple copies of the book for your marketing team or event, go to The B2B Social Media Book site for more information.

We are asking a lot of you in this blog post, and we have one more ask. There will be many announcements over the next few months leading up to the book launch. Sign up for our B2B marketing email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything. We have some awesome things planned.

Thanks for your ongoing support of this site and your future support of our book. This is an exciting time and we are glad you are joining us for the ride.


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    Taylor: Thanks. Titles are now keyword-based due to search. You gotta pack in the words into the subtitles.

    Rachel: Thanks for pre-ordering.

    Chad: You are welcome. We are excited to hear how people respond to the ideas in the book.

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