59% of B2B Decision Makers Researching with Smartphones

B2B buyers are using smartphones in greater numbers as part of the buying process. According a recent study conducted by TriComB2B and the University of Dayton School of Business Administration and shared by eMarketer, 59% of B2B purchase decision makers have used their smartphone to research products and services when they are considering purchases. This makes it critical for marketers to publish information in a mobile-friendly format, whether that is a on a mobile-optimized website or in a dedicated mobile application.

There is a huge missed opportunity by the sellers in not addressing this form of information gathering. According to June 2011 data from Google and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), only one-third of their surveyed advertisers had mobile optimized websites, and only 19% had dedicated mobile apps.

Based on this research, no matter your B2B industry, you need to begin thinking about mobile marketing to connect with your buyers. With all the information available online, including that shared through social media, buyers are more knowledgeable than ever before. This means they don’t contact your B2B company until they are further along in the buying process, or further down the funnel. If they cannot find information about your solutions in the format that is most convenient to them, they will look at your competitors.

3 Steps to Getting Started with Mobile Marketing

1. View your B2B company website or blog on a variety of mobile devices.

2. Check your website analytics to determine the current amount of mobile traffic.

3. Determine which website and blog content are most relevant to mobile users. Do this using web analytics, customer interviews and a content inventory.

What are you doing to address the growing number of B2B mobile visitors to your website?


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    Great post, Jeff. Thanks for sending along the research. I’d add that B2B marketers also need to consider how mobile-friendly their email newsletter is and whether their activity on social media is directing mobile users to non-mobile destinations (always a poor experience).
    We recently published an article that goes into more detail on how mobile can be used in the B2B space: http://mobilemarketingfail.com/learning/does-your-b2b-business-have-a-mobile-strategy/

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    Jeff – great post and excellent thoughts on connecting the dots between the B2B research that we did with the University of Dayton and how to start off in mobile marketing. Frankly, we were surprised at the high response rate in the usage of Smartphones, but also glad to see it. B2B needs to be ready to go mobile.

    In case you are interested, we are hosting a webinar about the B2B research. Info can be found here: http://tricomb2b.visibli.com/share/aeZpra.

    Thanks again for your post.

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    Thanks for adding your thoughts and sharing your link. You provided some great examples for marketers to learn from.


    Thanks for dropping by and adding a bit of background to the research. Things like that always make it real. And thanks for including the link to your webinar. That’s great to add more context to the research.

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