Why Should B2B Companies Care About Facebook’s Changes?

Facebook announced some pretty major updates on their platform this week that will change how users interact and how B2B marketers communicate with them. The changes themselves have gotten lots of coverage so I won’t recap those, but here are some articles that look at Facebook as a business and how other businesses interact with them. Everyone should remember that Facebook is, in fact, a large B2B company that sells advertising to other businesses. Some of how that model works is changing with the new timeline and the persistence of content.

We have also included a couple of tactical Facebook posts that should get you thinking about how you engage with your customers on Facebook. Both the how and the with what tools are addressed.

And finally, if you are tired of hearing about Facebook, Shel Holtz shares his thoughts about a new update to Google+ Hangouts, and he calls it game changer.

Have you seen other posts that have made you think about Facebook differently this week? Let us know in the comments below.

What the Heck Is Facebook Thinking?
from Duct Tape Marketing
That’s the question that Farmville and Mafia Wars players all over the world are asking today. Why are they changing my Facebook, don’t they care about their customers. Well, here’s the problem, while Facebook needs users, users aren’t their customers. Advertisers are the customers and you, dear Facebook user, are simply part of the data stream that advertisers desperately seek.
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Facebook Changes Upend Advertiser and Agency Models
from Harvard Business Review blog
The media is already dissecting yesterday’s Facebook event, where the company unveiled major new changes to their platform. Par for the course, really. Drama always accompanies any change to the Facebook site or platform. But I see drama brewing in a place unaccustomed to it, and involving a different kind of media — the media buying agencies that wield most of the money spent on advertising on the Facebook platform and the companies they represent.
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Facebook Autoposting – A Social Media No-No
from Social Media Today
On average, Facebook Pages that show posts via a third party app such as HootSuite or TweetDeck, as opposed to linking the old fashioned manual way, receive 70% fewer likes and comments.
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80% of Social Media Users Prefer Facebook for Connection with Brands
from Hubspot
When communicating with your target audience, it’s important to understand where most people will see and hear your messages as well as where they want to see and hear them. As part of your targeting tactics, you should look beyond where your audience can hear from you and think more about how they prefer to interact with you. As an example, the majority of your target market may be on Twitter, but they may actually prefer to interact with you through Facebook. And if you know how your audience wants to communicate, you’ll be more successful engaging them in a two-way conversation.
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Google+ changes the game with Hangouts. Is your business ready?
from Holtz Communication and Technology
The enhancements to Google+ Hangouts make it a genuine, bona fide game-changer. I’ve already suggested that Hangouts—the social channel’s video chat feature—is the only real point of differentiation on Google+. Everything else is already available elsewhere and, except for a minority of disgrunted Twitter/Facebook users, it doesn’t solve a problem. (There are group video services, too, but none so drop-dead easy as Hangouts, and few deliver the goods with such stellar performance.)
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