Why Do B2B Marketers Need Social Media to Thrive

B2B marketers are constantly looking for ways to do their jobs better. Social media can help some of that. But sometimes just being smart enough and creative enough to come up with better solutions to problems can get you pretty far. Normally I try to connect recent articles by a theme. At first, this seemed to be a random collection of articles that were open in my browser. I am a big fan of tabs and people frequently remark about the number of tabs I keep open. Anyway, the following articles are connected because they all make you think and ask why. Why are marketers underappreciated? Why are you making the decisions you are making? Why are you measuring what you are measuring?

Read on, and think about how you can address the whys in your B2B company.

Most CEOs Think Marketers Lack Credibility – Focus on Revenue to Change That
from B2B Marketing Post
Do CMOs really understand the fundamental nature of their businesses? Not as well as they should.

London-based Fournaise Marketing Group released a study recently where they interviewed more than 600 large corporation and SMB CEOs and decision-makers in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. In this report, 73% of these CEOs said they felt that their marketing executives lack business credibility and that marketing is not the business growth generators it should be. These CEOs think marketing fails to demonstrate how marketing strategies and campaigns grow revenue by generating more customer demand, more sales, more prospects, or more conversions.
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The 10 Commandments of B2B Social Marketing
from The Fearless Competitor
Are businesses still debating whether or not there’s a role for social in B2B? Sure you’ll still find pockets of resistance (and nostalgia), but the amounts of marketing dollars being moved to social say the debate is all but over. It says at the very least, serious businesses do not intend to get left in the dust if their competitors start building relationships and having ongoing dialogues with buyers via the social networks.
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What’s the Value of Social Media in B2B Marketing?
from Social Media Today
So, you have a business and you’ve gotten your budding empire signed up for a Twitter account and a Facebook page (and perhaps a Google+ Business profile in the future too?). Go you! You’re part of the social media revolution. Cake and champagne for everyone!

Fast forward a few months and you may find yourself asking what’s this actually doing for me?
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Top 5 Reasons Why Customer Service is Avoiding the Social Media Wave
from The Social Customer
Does your company provide social customer service through your actual customer service department? Or does Marketing handle it; or some other department or combo? During a webinar hosted by Jeremiah Owyang earlier this month, he stated that roughly in 70% of the cases, Marketing handles social media, including customer service inquiries.
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Designing Metrics for Online Customer Communities
from Building Online Communities for Business
Useful, usable and engaging, these are the qualities that successful online customer communities are made of. But, while all good community leaders within an organization hold these core values close, when business stakeholders start asking for hard ROI metrics, most community teams get a little nervous about how to prove value and define success. So, when the “what has community done for me lately” question get launched, panic sets in and people start to make dashboards and spreadsheets and charts galore. Community managers send reports off to leadership with fingers crossed and a heavy heart because they know the data isn’t truly indicative. But they don’t know a better way to communicate outcomes.
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What else has you thinking and asking why? Share it below.


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    Good selection Jeff. “Top 5 Reasons…” is my favourite piece. Also very handy to quote in a presentation I’m preparing. Thanks for sharing!

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