75 of the Best B2B Facebook Marketing Tips

Many B2B marketers approach Facebook with the knowledge of how to maintain a personal profile, but still shake their heads at how to get results from a business Page for their B2B company. There are two basic things you need to know about managing a Facebook Page for a B2B company. The first is that you must post compelling content that people who like the Page will engage with. This is especially true since Facebook introduced the EdgeRank algorithm, which only shows popular content in the newsfeed. The second thing to know is that you need to include calls to action, both on the Page and ones that drive traffic back to your company website.

Next week I will be presenting a session, along with Deirdre Walsh and Susan Solomon, about Facebook Marketing for B2B Companies at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum. In the process of preparing for the presentation, I found and reviewed lots of recent articles that provide tips that can help B2B marketers manage Facebook Pages. Here is a link to the complete list of Facebook resources, but I have selected and organized the best tips from each article. A link to the source of each tip is included if you want to read more. If you have any additional tips to share, please leave them in the comments below.

Liking the Page

1. Ask your staff, customers, vendors, and partners — who already know you and like you — to “Like” your Facebook page first. (source)

Facebook Content

2. Share lots of photos, and ask your fans to share photos. Facebook’s Photos remain the most viral feature of its platform. (source)

3. Write for the newsfeed, not for your wall. (source)

4. Don’t worry about writing too little. (source)

5. Be strategic and pay attention to signal vs. noise. (source)

6. Write posts that encourage sharing across the network. (source)

7. Boost your comments by asking questions, but stay away from simple Yes/No answers. (source)

8. Mix it up a little between videos, photos, questions and information (source)

9. Use the 80-20 rule to determine how much other people’s content to post versus your own. (source)

10. Use @ tagging strategically. (source)

11. Target by location or language. (source)

12. Tailor your content to mobile users. (source)

13. Diversify your team’s voices. (source)

14. Open the door to user content — but not the floodgates. (source)

15. Keep posts 80 characters long or shorter. (source)

16. Don’t Be Afraid to Show You’re Human. (source)

17. Have a Unique Voice. (source)

18. Diversify Your Content. (source)

19. Post original and relevant content. (source)

20. Post industry articles and blog posts fresh from your newsreader. (source)

21. Share exclusive, behind the scenes information. (source)

22. Write simply and plainly. (source)

23. Think mainstream for content. (source)

Analyze and Optimize Content

24. Use Edgerank to find your best & worst days. (source)

25. Monitor which posts attract the most Likes and comments (eyeball), and use Insights – Facebook’s own analytics tool – for data. (source)

26. Track the Performance of Your Posts. (source)

Calls to Action

27. Treat your Facebook “Like” button or link to your Facebook Page like any call to action – make it easy to spot. (source)

28. Encourage others to share your calls to action, so they show up in their newsfeed. (source)

Tabs and Landing Pages

29. Make creative use of Tabs. (source)

30. Choose a “landing tab” wisely. (source)

31. Have calls to action on your landing tab. (source)

32. The landing page should be relevant to the ad driving visitors there. (source)

33. Offer incentives. (source)

34. Keep it up to date. (source)

35. Provide interesting content. (source)

How and When to Post

36. Watch Your Post Frequency and Timing. (source)

37. There is a short window of opportunity to gain traction with an update. (source)

38. Be careful with automated posting services like NetworkedBlogs or syncing updates through your Twitter feed. (source)

39. Establish a regular schedule for your brand’s Facebook updates. (source)

40. Post towards the end of the week (source)

41. Weekends are more Facebook sharing friendly. (source)


42. Know your audience well, and when you make a mistake, quickly own up, do right by your audience and fix the problem. (source)

43. Don’t forget to send an update to fans. (source)

44. Allow your fans to tag photos on your Page. (source)

45. Put Your Fans in Charge Every Now and Then. (source)

Interaction off the Facebook Page

46. Integrate Facebook outside of your Fan Page, on your website, in as many places as you can. Create more compelling opportunities for people to buy your product based on their friends’ Likes. (source)

47. Find synergy with other organizations and entities, and then work together to promote each other’s Facebook pages so that everyone benefits. (source)

Optimize Your Facebook Page for Search

48. Link to your Facebook page from your website home page, using your brand in the anchor or alt‐text. (source)

49. Use your brand name in your posts. (source)

50. Get links to your Facebook Page by driving social engagement and “likes.” (source)

51. Use Facebook Shares and Likes to improve rankings of any page on your website. (source)

52. Interlink your directory pages with parallel Facebook pages. (source)

53. Integrate your website broadly with Facebook Social Plugins and Facebook Connect. (source)

Facebook Advertising

54. Restrict ads to people that don’t Like your Page. (source)

55. Invest in sponsored stories – they work. (source)


56. Find the resources to respond to your fans questions and inquiries. (source)

57. Accept you won’t work a 9-5. (source)


58. Assess the business value of your Page. (source)

59. Hold real-world events. (source)

60. Make use of “Add to My Page’s Favorites.” (source)

61. If you have a physical location, use Place Pages and Deals to drive traffic through your doors. (source)

62. Respond to comments. (source)

63. Polls delivered directly to users’ news feeds are not only effective in their reach but also in their ability to drive engagement. (source)

Facebook Mistakes

64. Broadcasting Content. (source)

65. Not Investing Adequate Time. (source)

66. Being Boring or Predictable. (source)

67. Failing to Learn About Facebook Mechanics and Tools. (source)

68. Violating Facebook’s Terms. (source)

69. Assuming People Go To Your Fan Page Versus Seeing Your Posts In Their News Feed. (source)

70. Expecting Welcome Tabs To Get You Lots Of Fans. (source)

71. Overestimating Apps and Tabs. (source)

72. No Budget For Ads To Acquire Fans. (source)

73. Posting In A Self Centered Way, Not Trying To Get Likes And Comments. (source)

74. Not Optimizing For Impressions And Feedback Rate. (source)

75. Over-Selling and Hard-Selling Without Conversing Or Arousing Desire First. (source)


  1. says

    A nice list here, Jeffrey. One of the biggest mistaks I see is “Assuming People Go To Your Fan Page Versus Seeing Your Posts In Their News Feed.”

    Stats have indicated that 96% of users Like a page once, and then never return. If you don’t reach those fans in the News Feed (or with an ad), then you might as well be invisible! You need to create content that is interesting/relevant enough to your fans that they’ll engage with it in the form of likes, comments, and shares.

  2. says


    Thanks for adding that stat. The other stat that is really compelling is that 80-90% of Facebook visitors only view the “Top Posts” version of their News Feed, which is totally based on the EdgeRank algorithm. This, added to your provided stat, means that most people have no chance of seeing most updates. That’s why engaging content is so critical. Comments and likes are part of what gets things into people’s newsfeed, along with whether THEY personally have commented, liked or clicked on your content.

  3. says

    Thanks for these tips. Though there are still many ways how to market through FB still these are all concrete and easier to follow. And these are all helpful to me, as a blogger, since my knowledge in FB marketing is limited. Thanks again.

  4. says

    That’s right! There is an opportunity to fill in *some* of the engagement gap with Facebook ads (such as to existing fans, whose affinity to the Page may be low), but that may be a cost that’s out of reach for many B2B companies. In general, publishing status updates that aim to engage (rather than broadcast) works best!

  5. says

    Still working through the list but wanted to say THANKS. Expect to be a Facebook marketing expert some time soon!

  6. says

    Great list as usual guys.

    I still don’t get the “stay away from yes/no questions” advice that I keep seeing quoted everywhere. Test it for yourself. People seem to love yes/no questions. Especially about wordly topics that we all relate too.

  7. says

    Anne / Rene / Jane:
    Thanks for stopping by and glad this list was helpful.

    Thanks for the comments. People seem to think that yes or no questions are not engaging enough and there won’t be much response. Interesting to hear that they work for you.

  8. says

    Faceboook is 100% personal and social for me. I will never ever use it for B2B. Not saying these tips aren’t good. Just saying it is a playground that I play in and refuse to mix business with pleasure. And since it is a dying network (thankfully now Yahoo, MediaPost, and Business Insider have taken notice!) I am on the look out for what will replace it.

    LinkedIn is a much different story. But most likely if you are a business connection and you ask to connect on facebook you will be ignored unless you are a true friend I like and would trust to hang out with as friends. Just the way it is.

    I come from B2B vs the B2C that I am in now. And that is really about direct sales for the most part. If you want tips on Biz Dev please ask I love to share since it is brutal to do but rewarding when successful.

  9. says

    Hello Socialmediab2b,
    Thanks for the info, I have study an editorial that a lady from a small town in Haryana (India) was producing artificial jewelery and was someway handling her corporation till she turned to Facebook. Now she sells globally and has no time for regional potential clients . Can everybody suggest me how to use Facebook fo advertising companies / merchandise?

  10. says

    Most of the clients I have had so far do not care one way or another HOW my team gets results for them, just as long as we get them. That was, until last week. I now have a client who wants to know “how” the B2B marketing strategy I have developed for his business actually works. I was so relieved – finally I get to share my knowledge and enhance his understanding. I came across this article totally by accident (are there any accidents? haha). This is a great resource for social media specialists to pass along to their clients as well. Thanks for writing it and even including links to the original source. Well done!

  11. says

    Fantastic list and resource, will be printing this out and putting it up on the office wall at TaylorMade social media. I’m not a lover of having to play the edgerank game, asking for likes seems desperate but you see a lot of pages doing this.

  12. Helen Lagares says

    Hello Jeffrey! What a remarkable list you´ve just put up! It will help me a lot with the fan page i´ve been working so far!

    It´s been my problem so far, get people engaged with posts and etc. So you have any another tip about facebook and engagement?! I´m follow this blog by the way! Good, Good! :)

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