Another 18 Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics

B2B Social Media StatisticsWith the popularity of our 28 Awesome B2B Social Media Statistics post last year, we wanted to make sure we kept our readers up to date on the latest statistics coming out of various B2B social media reports and studies. Here’s a list of 18 additional stats from a variety of sources to curb your stat-hungry appetite.


  • More than nine out of ten B2B marketers (93%) say they conduct social media marketing to some extent. (Source)
  • More than two-thirds of B2B marketers already used social media marketing as of December 2010, where the main focus of marketing efforts was brand building. Despite customer acquisition being B2B’s top goal for the year, less than half of respondents were using social media for lead generation. (Source)
  • More B2B companies have been using social media longer (52.6% reported 1 year or more) than their B2C counterparts (46.2% indicated 1 year or longer). (Source PDF)


  • This year 78.5% of B2B marketers plan to increase their online budgets. (Source)
  • 69% of B2B organizations are increasing marketing budgets for inbound marketing tactics including social media. (Source)
  • Social media has become an integral part of marketing for B2B companies, with 62.6% of marketers planning to increase their spending this year. (Source)
  • 51% of B2B marketers said they will increase their content marketing budgets this year, and content marketing will make up 26% of overall B2B marketing budgets.  (Source)
  • In 2010, social media, websites and email each received a median of 10% of B2Bs’ online marketing budgets. (Source)


  • Among surveyed B2B marketers who conduct social marketing, 26% cite LinkedIn as their single most important social tool, 20% cite Facebook, 19% cite blogging, and 14% cite a customer community as their top tool. (Source)
  • B2C are more focused on Facebook and B2B are more focused on LinkedIn and video. Also note that B2B companies are utilizing blogs more. (Source PDF)
  • B2B companies are significantly more likely to plan on increasing their use of LinkedIn (71% of B2B versus 51% of B2C). (Source PDF)
  • 39% of B2B companies plan on increasing their forum use (versus 34% of B2C). (Source PDF)
  • B2C companies are more interested in learning about Facebook (74%) and blogging (72%) versus B2B (Facebook and blogging: 65%). (Source PDF)
  • 100% of Fortune 500 Company’s have executives using LinkedIn. 50% of LinkedIn’s users are decision makers in their company. 41% people using LinkedIn for marketing have generated business with it. (Source)


  • Asked to identify the top 3 major obstacles to adopting social media marketing, 70% of B2B marketers cite a lack of resources. Such marketers are faced with other obstacles as well, citing the following:
    –  Poorly defined success metrics and key performance indicators: 57%
    –  Lack of knowledge about social media: 44%
    –  Management resistance: 22%


  • B2B mobile marketing spending will quadruple over the next five years, rising from $26 million in 2009 to $106 million in 2014. (Source)
  • 64% of B2B decision makers currently read their email via mobile devices. (Source)


  • Some 75% of B2B marketers who conduct social marketing say they do not measure the ROI of social initiatives. (Source)

If you know of any other B2B social media statistics please leave the stat and source in the comments below.


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    Wow, great list – thanks, Adam! Believe it or not, I still run into managers who say “We’re B2B — we don’t do social media.” I’ll definitely keep these stats handy.

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    This is good, Adam. In 2009, it was about bringing brand “awareness” and just getting your name out there, in 2010 it was brand-building and now in 2011 it seems to be ROI; where investors and campaign strategists want, want, want to see a return. When expanding budgets for B2B social media marketing, or marketing in general, e-mail is still a top priority on that list, as this is streaming content and marketing initiatives directly to your subscription base. Video e-mail is an innovative creation, and Steve Toy does it best: Never lack resources again.

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    Thanks for sharing these stats they further confirm what I have experienced these past 4 months working on a B2B Social Media project. We have implemented Facebook, Linked, Twitter, Blogging and a Newsletter, which have all proven excellent tools. We were able to increase web traffic by 60% since launch. The biggest problem in assuring more effective results – as stated in this article – is resources. Actually, more specifically the problem is convincing the client that the company needs to invest more of its money and time. We have developed wonderful ideas to drive quality traffic but, none of these ideas can be implemented with the investment of time and money from the company. Also, I do believe Newsletters are a powerful tool for B2B… it helped drive a lot of traffic the company website and increase engagement. I look forward to more analysis. Thxs

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