Customer Service Ideas and Examples for B2B Social Media

Today’s posts are about customer service. While they are not specific to B2B companies, and some are not even about social media, they provide good examples for how all companies should be thinking about customer service. Whether your frontline is Twitter, Facebook, telephone or a retail counter, the experience a customer has may be the only interaction they have with your company. Think about what that means before you measure customer service based on shortest phone time or other efficiency means, and consider true customer satisfaction as part of the equation.

Zappos: Nobody Does Customer Service Better
from Phaseware Files
You can’t have a conversation about customer service without eventually (or even opening the conversation) with Zappos. Here is a company that has been around for 11 years, is strictly internet (no bricks and mortar) that has consistently given particular attention to…..the phone. That’s right. Here we are in the 21st Century when everyone is supposedly doing all their shopping over the internet, never wants to talk to a customer service person, prefers the anonymity of social media, email, and online ordering.
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You Can’t Script Great Service
from WaterRemarks
Macy’s, that venerable institution of American retailing, is working to become less “outstanding.” At least, that’s the guidance the company is giving its front-line sales associates, who in the past were provided with very specific, scripted steps for interacting with customers – including a directive to frequently use the word “outstanding” when speaking to people.
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Excellent Customer Service Is NOT A One-Off Event!
from Jonathan Farrington’s Blog
Inconsistent customer care performance can have a negative effect on customer perceptions. Such an obvious statement? So how come most companies struggle to maintain consistency? Gas stations for example, know that every time a customer walks into one of their outlets, wherever they are in the country, they should expect to receive the same standards of service. Nationwide consistency is essential when customers are likely to visit multiple outlets – one poor performance can threaten the customer’s perception of the entire operation.
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Defensive Branding
from Twist Image
Should brands respond to all negative comments?
The common held response to a question like that is usually a stern and obvious, “yes!” In theory, it makes perfect sense. In practice, what do you think is really going on? From a customer relationship management standpoint, it’s clear that every complaint can best be viewed as an opportunity for a brand to connect to a customer (my often trotted-out line of “real interactions between real human beings” comes to mind… again). The theorists will also push that every complaint is a blessing too. Still, in boardrooms and in hallway conversations at conferences, the brand managers will let you know that not all customers are created equally and neither are their complaints.
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Making Customer Service Social
from Social Media Today
The bottom line about social media: it’s all about communication. It is simply a series of platforms that use different forms of content to transfer ideas from a source to a recipient. The underlying benefit of social media is that the platforms have potential to transfer information from a single source to tens of thousands—if not more—recipients. How your organization chooses to communicate, and what kinds of messages you choose to send, not only define your social media policy; these messages also specifically illustrate how you use social media as a tool.
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Have you experienced great customer service lately? Let us know in the comments below. I was recently in my local post office and there was a postal employee working the line, asking everyone what they needed. He helped with forms, shipping envelopes and even letting people know what decorative stamps were in stock. It was ideal for me, as I needed to ship something overseas, and I had no idea what forms I needed.

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