10 Quick and Easy B2B Blog Post Ideas for a Thursday Afternoon

When maintaining a blog for a B2B company, and following the best practice of creating an editorial calendar, sometimes you just want to write something different. Maybe you are between editorial calendars, or sometimes the post you have planned doesn’t feel right for the day. Or maybe you just need another blog post. This doesn’t mean writing about the fantastic catch you made in the outfield for the company softball team, but just coming up other ideas that can be executed relatively quickly to keep the blog content flowing.

Each of the following 10 ideas can easily be written this afternoon.

1. Comment on an Industry News Story
This is not a new idea, but it is always worth remembering if you need a quick blog post. Depending on your industry, this post could be an analysis of a recent situation or how the latest news affects your company. Don’t ignore the national news as a source for inspiration.

2. Highlight a New Employee
Customers and prospects want to know the people they are doing business with at your B2B company. Write a fun post about the new Sales Manager, but don’t post the press release. Learn what is interesting about her and share that. But still consider a professional headline.

3. Answer the Most Common Customer Question
This one is easy, as everyone in the marketing department should know what this is. If the question is how much does it cost, go with the second most common question because it may have an easier answer.

4. The Most Outlandish Customer Service Story
Unless there is a legendary story that you already know, talk to your customer service reps and find out their greatest success in helping a customer solve a weird problem. This should be something positive and not demeaning to the customer, even if they are not identified.

5. Call Three Customers and Ask One Question
Pick a simple trend question that everyone can answer. This type of post helps establish your company as a leader in the industry. It also positions the company blog as an industry resource that functions like a trade publication. Try to avoid the Sales Department issues of which customers to call, or this won’t get done this afternoon.

6. Discuss a Competitor’s Product or Service
This may be counterintuitive to marketing your products or service, but think about something your competitor does well and write about it. If the headline of the post mentions the company by name, you may show up in search results for your competitor’s product. Driving traffic to your site is the first step to generating leads with social media, so make sure you can do something with visitors who arrive to read about your competitor.

7. Review an Upcoming Industry Event
Whether you are going to the event or not, write a few paragraphs about what is notable about the event. Highlight some speakers that you may have seen or speculate on new product releases. Again, this is an easy way to start establishing, or increasing, some industry authority.

8. List Your Favorite Industry Publications and Websites
People like lists, and this should be mostly straightforward to compile. And don’t include everything that is expected. Add a couple of sites that might be outside your industry to provide some additional value to your site visitors. Make discovery easy by providing links. If you think your customers could use some help with social media, it would be awesome if you included SocialMediaB2B.com in the list.

9. Provide a Step-by-Step Guide
This can be related to your product or service or can just be a guide to do something that others in your industry might also need to do. How to get certified, or register to be included in a government bid process. If prospects are looking for this information and you have provided it, that makes you a resource.

10. Share a Wish List of Product Features
This one is harder and may not be possible in an afternoon. If you work for a B2B software company, there may be a public developer roadmap and you would only need to pick some items to discuss. Otherwise, you need to find ways to talk about things that your product doesn’t do, and may never do. There is always something that people want a product to do, and it just doesn’t. Providing a discussion about why is also a good way to encourage comments.

What are some other ideas to break out of the mold and create some quick and easy blog posts?


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    Jeff, This is a terrific list of ideas for blog posts. I work in social media for Media Logic where we have both retail and B2B clients. Your list is perfect for B2B because it reflects what we counsel our B2B clients to do: participate in your industry as though it is a community (because it is a community!). Your ideas for posts present opportunities to consider what’s happening in the community, contribute opinions or expertise and involve readers.

    Peers and competitors are having conversations about topics of relevance to you and your customers; you’re either part of the conversation or you’re not. If you’re not part of the conversation, it will be very difficult for you to build credibility, and without credibility, you’ll never be a trusted leader in your field.

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    B2B business completely depends upon your social activeness. In one way it helps you to build other and on the other way it also increases your credibility when you spread knowledge and let people know whats happening in the industry.

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    Many Thanks for a really useful article. Although some of the listed Items were fairly obvious, We did find a couple which were not so & will be really helpful for writing posts in the future.

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