Exploring B2B Social Media with Jason Falls

Jason Falls, of Social Media Explorer, has started a new online learning community, Exploring Social Media, to bridge the gap between those who understand digital marketing and those who don’t. This subscription-based site is for small business owners, mid-level managers and people running home-based businesses who need help with their marketing technology.

The entry into the site is the question and answer model, where visitors ask specific questions and Jason and his team of experts answer them. There is also robust content where users can explore on their own, and learn at their own pace. Marketers from B2B companies can benefit from the site as a way to understand the background of social media, and how it can connect people in their company both internally and externally with other people.

Users of the site can also request specific content to meet their needs. If the answer to their question is not deep enough, they can request that more information be prepared around that specific topic.

Here’s the link to an interview with Jason Falls from two years ago (at SXSW!). Watch that after you finish watching this video to see that not a lot has changed in the past two years of social media for B2B. Jason is looking for new case studies that can apply for companies besides large technology companies. How do professional services companies, like accountants and lawyers, use social media to reach out to new customers? How does a standard B2B company approach social media? He suggests that some of this starts with internal communications. And he also challenges B2B companies to do something cool.

Let us know in the comments if you are doing something cool.

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