B2B Social Media Example: Dell on Facebook

At the recent South by Southwest Interactive conference I had the opportunity to talk with Laura Thomas of Dell about Facebook for B2B companies. She is a Senior Consultant in the Small and Medium Business Group and responsible for digital media. Follow Laura on Twitter at @LPT.

We talked about:

  • Dell’s B2B Facebook Initiatives including Dell for Business and Social Media for Business Pages
  • Advice for B2B companies getting started on Facebook
  • How to handle attacks on Facebook by bringing customer service people into the process, whether you work for a large or small organization


  1. says

    This is a great interview. Dell is a thought leader in so many ways, and the fact that they have been in the social media space for 4 years validates the use of this space for Business to engage their customers. I’m wondering if Laura has heard of companies leveraging the social networks to drive referral business…The connectivity of social networks and their ability to be a viral market place make it possible to harness positive word of mouth brand awareness to drive leads and conversions. I would love to know what she or anyone else thinks about this.

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