4 B2B Insights from Salesforce.com’s Acquisition of Radian6

Today Salesforce.com announced the acquisition of Radian6. Here’s a link to the press release if you want details. From a business perspective, this is a big deal because the leader in one space has acquired the leader in another space. But if you are a B2B marketer who is managing or planning social media for your company, here are some reasons why you should care. Even if you don’t use either product.

1. Create Awareness of Social Media Monitoring Among Salespeople
Even before computer-based tools, salespeople kept track of their prospects and the results of their interactions. Salesforce.com is an evolution from standalone versions to a web-hosted, company-wide platform that can integrate with other company systems. The addition of Radian6 to the suite of Salesforce.com tools (even though the companies will still run separately) creates awareness among salespeople that company or industry mentions found through social media monitoring can be considered trackable events in their CRM tools.

2. Raise the Profile of Marketing in the Organization
A classic struggle in many B2B organizations is the one between sales and marketing. Sales generally has more say in the running of the company, as they are more responsible for bringing in revenue. Anything that can raise the profile of marketing in the eyes of sales is a good thing for marketers. With the awareness of social media monitoring gained above, now marketing can be the ones to help sales understand how to implement social media monitoring into their sales functions.

3. More Engagement Possible at More Levels
With salespeople onboard in their understanding of social media monitoring, this expands the use of social media throughout a company. Many social media approaches start in marketing or customer service, and serve customers and prospects at the top of the lead funnel. While monitoring will also serve the company at the top of the funnel, tracking these mentions in a CRM will show salespeople that it is possible to engage at various stages of the buying process.

4. Monitoring and Engagement is Now Trackable
As social media events are tracked in CRM tools, whether it is a mention, a comment or a direct request, each will have a result. This is no longer the world where marketing generates leads for sales and steps out of the way. The social media leads are available for all to see, and both sales and marketing can look for patterns, so they can understand what types of engagement can lead to sales. Depending on a company’s goals, customer satisfaction through social media can also be tracked.

What are some other benefits that B2B marketers will see now that Salesforce.com has acquired Radian6?


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    Thank you so much for sharing the news! Together with @Salesforce, we are excited to see what the future holds.

    All the best,
    Trish (@Dayngr)
    Community Manager | Radian6

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    Great points, absolutely – this marks a maturity point for listening platforms (and more broadly social media) as a vital component in the discipline of CRM.

    I had a go at some quick thoughts myself on my blog (linked above), focused on who now owns this ‘customer voice’.

    Nice post Jeffrey, I enjoy your blog.



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    Some great highlights here Jeffrey.

    I think you are right in that it will now open up the possibilites and opportunities of social media monitoring to a wider workforce.

    As much as social media must not be run in isolation, monitoring must also plug into the range of opportunities it affords for businesses to do things better.

    I expect there will be a strong focus in the blogosphere of how this is game changing for customer serivce and that is very much true. The acquisition truly crystalises the importance and value of monitoring social media but customer service is but one small niche of what a business can do with social media. The insight from data is something that should be cherished and used wisely to better inform business decisions.

    Here is to a bright future for social media monitoring!

    James Ainsworth
    Community Manager for Web & Social Solutions – Alterian

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