5 B2B Social Media Ideas to Get You Thinking

This week’s list of recent B2B social media posts are not linked by a theme, but they should all make you think. A good blog post should have an a-ha moment where an idea crystallizes in your head or it inspires you to do something new with an increased level of understanding. These posts all did that for me. I hope they do it for you. And if you have come across any a-ha moments in recent posts, share them in the comments below.

B2B Social Media Lead Generation Explained
Guest post by Eric Schwartzman and Paul Gillin
B2B social media marketing is particularly well suited for business-to-business lead generation. Business purchasing decisions are made by stakeholder committees with diverse priorities and a voracious appetite for details. Social media is the most efficient channel for committees of engineers, product developers, purchasing managers and marketers to self-educate, and a way for marketers to abbreviate sales cycles.
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5 Ways that PR is Evolving In Spite of Itself
from Bliss PR
Sometimes I wish the PR profession would get out of its own way. Last week, I was asked to give a speech explaining what “Modern PR” is, and I shared five ways that PR is evolving. But as I began to speak, I found myself thinking of how many PR firms might disagree with me.
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Social customer care: QR codes and self serve
from being guy1067
I hadn’t thought much about how QR codes could be used for customer service until recently. I was at a conference and the ever erudite Richard Sedley (@richardsedley) almost in passing talked about imprinting a QR code onto an object, but I can’t quite remember what the object was. Although for some reason a pipe sticks in mind. Perhaps a pipe that has frozen during a cold snap and instead of ringing up your supplier about what to do, you could simply scan the QR code imprinted into the pipe which would have a set of instructions about what to do, and also an idea of how to escalate the issue if the problem continued.
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LinkedIn Reaches 100 Million Users
Below are links to two different blog posts from LinkedIn. The size of this professional network should inspire you to make sure everyone at your company and your clients’ companies have complete personal profiles, company profiles and are leveraging Groups and Answers to develop and strengthen business connections. A new professional is joining LinkedIn faster than every second. And you may not be interested that there are 74 Elvis impersonators listed, but you might be interested that 100% of the Fortune 500 have executives with profiles on LinkedIn. That may be the only social media stat you have ever seen, and will ever see, that is 100%.
100 million members and counting…
100 million gumballs

B2B Marketers, Analyze This: How Do Prospects Score YOU on Their Experience?
Guest post by Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink Corp
Last year I was looking for forms software to support CustomerThink. As I reported in my “Customer 2.0” buying experience post, I searched for solutions, interacted with various web sites and engaged with some of the vendor reps, by email or phone. I eventually found the right solution, but that’s not where the story ends. To most of the vendors that I engaged with, I was just another not-very-valuable small business buyer. And I was treated accordingly, no doubt thanks to some nifty lead scoring algorithms that have become de rigueur for B2B marketers.
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