5 B2B Social Media Posts to Wrap-up the Week

The following is a selection of posts that may be interesting reads for B2B marketers and communications professionals. This is a good way to wrap up the week and prepare for next week.

Content Strategy and the Dying Art of Execution
from Junta42
Don’t get me wrong, content marketing strategy is critical to the success of a content marketing project. Not having a content strategy is like playing baseball without the bases (envision people running everywhere…not a pretty site). That said, I’ve seen a multitude of content strategies die for the following reasons.
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Is LinkedIn Finally Ready for Social Media Marketers?
from eMarketer
With more than 80 million users, LinkedIn has long been the top social network for the business crowd, and has grown quickly as a tool for recruiters and sales teams looking for new leads and connections. But what about brand marketing? Yes, LinkedIn has “Groups,” but they have always driven far less traffic, engagement and brand awareness than Facebook pages or Twitter—and as a result, LinkedIn has always been a something of a second-tier destination for tactical social marketing.
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Why Companies Need to F-R-E-E Their Case Studies
from Stories That Sell
A small software company recently ran an experiment… The company, which had been requiring registration to download its customer case studies, decided to unlock those stories on their website. Site visitors could read or download stories freely, without having to provide any information. The results were pretty shocking.
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Social Media Marketing Expert Interview with Neal Schaffer
from Vertical Measures
I spoke with Neal Schaffer, who is recognized as a leader in helping businesses and professionals embrace and strategically leverage the potential of social media. An award-winning published author of “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn,” frequent speaker at social media events, and an avid blogger. Neal is President of Windmills Marketing, a social media strategic consultancy in Orange County, California, and has led social media strategy creation and educational programs for a range of companies ranging from Fortune 500 to Web 2.0 startups.
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And I would not be taking my own advice from this SocialMediaB2B post earlier this week if I didn’t post the following article. However, please review the B2B statistics with caution.

The State of B2B Social Media Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
from Mashable
B2B marketers are increasingly using social media to connect with their customers, but oftentimes they are not using those tools effectively. One report found that only 32% of B2B companies engage with their customers on a daily basis via social media. Another discovered that 46% of B2B marketers thought social media was irrelevant. And another found that 60% of B2B firms have no staff dedicated to social media and just 10% of B2B firms use outside agencies or consultants. While the vast majority (86%) of B2B companies use social media for marketing, it’s clear there’s considerable room for improvement.
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Are there other posts you have read this week that you want to share with other readers in the comments?

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