Continue Learning with these B2B Social Media Posts

As I gather a handful of relevant B2B social media posts that have either bubbled up through Twitter or from my RSS reader, sometimes I start with a theme and other times one emerges. It certainly makes things more interesting. Today, two themes emerged. The first is the continuing importance of education in the B2B social media space. As we reviewed our 2010 predictions, we found that while the adoption curve has been slower than anticipated, more and more practitioners are building a foundation from learning. So all these posts derive their content from events, both live and online. They include presenters’ perspectives, attendees perspectives and information that was presented, but relayed in a blog post. As I also presented at and attended a conference this week, it is instructive to see people’s takeaways.

Which brings us to our second theme. It doesn’t run through all the posts, but several of them. As today is the opening of the new Harry Potter movie in many parts of the world, there is a British slant to several of the posts. How could I not include a post that includes the line “Powerpoint is rubbish.”

As always let us know in the comments if you have read anything this week that was not rubbish.

Facebook Pages for B2B Social Media Marketing
from TopRank Blog
Yesterday in Auckland, NZ I gave an all day workshop to 150 marketing and communications professionals on Social Media Content Marketing & Strategy at Social Media Junction. One of the questions that came up was whether B2B companies are successfully using Facebook Fan pages. I shared a few of our client Fan pages like Marketo & McKesson Medical Imaging (forgetting to mention our own completely) but wanted to share a few more examples here.
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B2B Social Media – Plus Ca Change?
from Ketchum Blog
Earlier this month on a balmy autumn morning, Ketchum Pleon had the pleasure of hosting a PRmoment conference on Social Media in B2B Communications. Adding to the resulting posts from Ben at PRmoment and others, I thought I’d share some personal reflections on what really stood out from the event and some quick research we did off the back of it. I was always a fan as a kid of join the dots, so can you see what picture emerges when you connect the conclusions below that emerged from the conference?
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Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media
from Convince and Convert
B2B social media is one of the most nettlesome of all social media marketing topics. There are plenty of half-truths and misunderstandings about what, where, why, and how B2B social media works (or doesn’t).
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What I learned at the B2B Marketing Annual Conference
from B2B Marketing Online Blog
The great and the good from the world of B2B Marketing gathered in London yesterday as B2B Marketing Magazine hosted its annual conference: ‘A Brave New World: Digital Marketing in the 21st Century’ ‘I was also there as part of my relentless quest to seek knowledge, learn a thing or two and enjoy a fancy lunch served in a box.
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Q&A Excerpt: Driving Leads with Social Media
from Funnel Focus
In Tuesday’s webinar Social Media Integration into Marketing Campaigns – Does it Drive Leads?, Manticore Technology Demand Generation Manager Emily Mayfield examined her own successes and failures with social media in a recent, multi-touch marketing campaign featuring The Quintessential Marketing Automation Guidebook. In this Q&A excerpt, Emily Mayfield and VP of Marketing Christopher Doran will answer audience questions regarding integrating social media into a marketing campaign to successfully drive leads.
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