100+ SEO Resources for B2B Marketers

One of the biggest benefits of social media for B2B companies is how it helps drive search traffic. By better understanding the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), which is the process of making sure search engines can find your website or blog, marketers can increase the value of their social media programs. Following are more than 100 great resources to help you learn more about SEO, or brush up if it has been a while since you have dug into this topic. Even if you are pretty well-versed in SEO, there are probably some good reminders here for things that you know you need to do, but just haven’t gotten to.

And here’s an SEO tip: Notice that the link to each one of these resources below has “Search Engine” or “Search Engine Optimization” in it, not “click here” or “for more information.” These are called anchor links and sites you are linking to, in this case SEO sites, get more search benefit from these keywords than from generic terms.

Beginner’s Guides
Google has recently released a Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide as a pdf. Since they are responsible for approximately 65% of the search traffic in the US, it is wise to understand their approach to optimizing your sites for search.

And to provide additional perspective from outside the Googleplex campus, here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization from SEOmoz that is available via the web and a pdf download if you prefer.

Hubspot offers a ton of blog posts, webinars and other resources on their topic hub about Search Engine Optimization. Many of these are geared more towards marketers than hard-core SEO people, so they may be more relevant to you.

Search Engine Land features a list of resources for those interested in learning much more about Search Engine Optimization, including topic areas on their site and a list of other notable SEO blogs.

If you just want to brush up on the latest terms, here’s a Search Engine Glossary from SEObook.

What are some your go to sources for SEO? And do have a simple SEO tip to share with other B2B marketers?


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    A few resources:

    Interviews with internal Product Managers/Brand Managers- which often reveal industryspeak and possible keyword stemming points

    Competitor Web sites – for non-trademarked terms often provide opportunity to gain search share.

    Google Insights for Search – To a degree these results are relevant in the B2B space.

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    Hi Friends

    Keep up the good work, Great site/blog for B2B social media. I have a question for you. Do you have any case studies or come across any successful case studies in India or Indian Companies. Curious to know and we are going to discuss Online Marketing Case Studies in our Online Marketing Enthusiast Forum in Bangalore in IIM Campus this month.

    Any resources will help

    Appreciate your resources

    Thank you

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    An easy way to augment and SEO campaign is to optimize the press releases you’re already sending out. Incorporate keywords, and write your releases with search engines in mind (e.g. put the keyword in the headline and lead, repeat it a few times in the body, and link the keyword to a relevant page on your web site from the first instance of the keyword in the release body.) And if this is too much, then just be sure you insert an anchor text linking the release from one (or maybe two, no more) of the keywords in the release. Anchor text can create backlinks between the release and the sites on which it appears, and can have a profound effect on SERP placement. http://budurl.com/SEO4PR

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    I completely agree with Rob. Integrating industry speak into your keyword analysis is essential to a successful B2B SEO keyword strategy. Sales can offer good insight into industry related keywords. Also, speak to customer service and tech support. These areas can be a great source of industry terms that customers and prospects use to search for your products and services as well as seek help. As for tools, compete.com can uncover your competitors’ keywords.

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    Rob, Sarah, Joan:

    Thanks for the suggestions. They are great tips to go with the resources listed and link in the post.


    I don’t have any Indian case studies, but I approved your comment in the hopes that a reader might have some suggestions and would share those with you.

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    When I began my B2B marketing career this year, a coworker (web developer) gave me a company SEO guide that he wrote. When I read the Google SEO Starter Guide, I was inundated with copy! The links above explain SEO well, but I love good visuals with brief step-by-step instructions. Find tips from Drew Stauffer’s SEO posts at cureforcommonmarketing.com.

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